Drifting In The Cinema

Drifting In The Cinema


Drifting In The Cinema described by some as Twin Peaks Lounge music for Mars. A sweet mixture of melody and dissonance in DITC's music wraps itself around the ears of it's listeners. Part Electronic part Analog These Drifters like to create hypnotic states for the audience as well as themselves.


Former Lumipad members Victor Korvera and Veronika Sweet reformed in 2006 to create what is now Drifting In The Cinema. Ms. Sweet claims her goal is to get the audience to levitate and they may come close with the cinematic sounds of synth, unusual percussive elements and melodic vocals.


K Drifting In The Cinema's 1st ep release date 2008
They are also included on the 2007 compilation "Weird Terrain" from Goodbye Better.

Set List

1.prelude to Ramen Days
2.Ramen Days
3.Radio Voices
5.Ping Pong Radiator
7.Solar Sailing
8.Kitchen Scene
10.Dream of East/West Side Highway
We play all original music, sets last 45-90 minutes, depending on the venue.