With all the aspiring vocalist of today one might say to themselves why should I listen to "Drina" and who is she? Where did she come from? Drina is a diva coming into her own, her sassy vocal style brings that much sought after uniqueness to the game.


Everyone has some sort of musical story to tell, so here is mine... My father took me to the studio at the age of 4 to record a one song demo he had written, while I don't remember being there my Father tells me I wanted to come in and see what he was doing in the recording booth... Little did we know my curiosity would lead me into a 8 year journey to fulfill my destiny in a recording booth as well. Age 7 I was selected to have a lead role in seasonal musical at school( in North Carolina) I received a standing ovation and it was then and there I decided I should try my hand at this singing thing. Throughout school I did Talent Shows and participated in choir and orchestra,playing the viola. In college I tried my hand at Gospel Choir. I started persuing this musical journey seriously in 1998, I was in a group (N'Twyne) that consisted of myself and two others.At some point 3 became 2, as a group we performed at a few showcases, recorded a 4 song demo and won 2nd place in General Mills Regional Jingle contest for Bisquick. And you know how the story goes things come up and you split. Well I wasn't giving up so the search began to find a new partner. In 2000 I found not only a new partner but a new inspiration to improve my songwriting skills. With my new partner I recorded another 3 song demo, Our biggest performance was at Earth Link Live in Atlanta, Ga, following that was a performance at the Apollo Theater for Black History Event. Our writing skills got recognition and we were invited to attend The Atlantis Music Fest. N'Twyne was featured on a series of compliation CD's titled "Blowin up in Virginia" volumes 4-8 and topped several international internet radio stations. But again as things do tend to happen N'Twyne split and this time for good. I tried to walk away from it all, but as you know if you're meant to walk a certain path in life no matter what you try to do to avoid it you still end up back on that chosen path so here I am. Back as a solo artist currently I'm recording my Debut CD "8 years and counting.. Seein is Believin" to be complete by year end 2007. The title is self explanatory it's been 8 yrs and I'm counting on being around for at least 8 more.. And of course for those that said I would never do this seeing is definitely believing...;) Be on the lookout for music from Drina coming soon to an airwave near you.... Oh wait where am I from Carolina Baby, North Carolina born in Monroe, NC but raised and schooled in Charlotte NC. I must say that Virgina is where alot of the creativity kicked in and Virginia has been key in my journey....


All I Want

Written By: A.Holdren (Drina)


All I want is you
Baby all I want
All I want
Is you
The things you do
Got me weak for you
Feaning for you

Verse 1
Got me thinking
Thinking bout u
Got me wondering
What we gon do
If you want me baby
Then come get at me
Your wish is my command
Because you are my man
Don’t mean to be
So seductive
But can’t get you
Off mind baby…
All I want is you….

All I want is you
Baby all I want
All I want
Is you
The things you do
Got me weak for you
Feaning for you

Verse 2
I’m daydreaming
Of being with you
So distracted
Don’t know what to do
Are you for real this time?
Or are you in my mind?
Don’t wake me if I’m sleep
Unless you hear me weep
What did u do to me baby?
Cause I can’t get you
Off of my mind
All I want is u…….

All I want is you
Baby all I want
All I want
Is you
The things you do
Got me weak for you
Feaning for you

I Just Wanna Be With U

Written By: A.Holdren (Drina)

I close my eyes at night
And all I see is you in my dreams
Don't what's happening
Don't know what's come over me
You're on my mind baby
All tha time
Revisit memories of how it used to be
When it was you and me
I never felt lonely
I never had a care
Cause you were always there
What was I thinking when I let you walk outta my life
Sometimes things happen
It don't mean it's right....

I just wanna be with u
I just wanna be with u
ooh ooh ooh
There's nothing I'd rather do
Than be here with u


I'm tired of dreaming
Can we make this a reality?
I feel like we should be together for eternity
I'm willing to forgive
If you can do tha same
Let's start all over
cause I'm tired of playing games
No one knows me like you do
She don't know you like I do
So boy I'm asking you
Do u feel the way I do?
About you?
Then let's just do what we do
I just wanna be with u......


While a member of N'Twyne, singles featured on complilation CD's "Blowing Up In Virginia" volumes 4-8 Mega International Records
11/25/2002- Added to Ison Live Radio International Network or www.isonliveradio.com
currently still getting plays

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