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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Drinking Flowers EP"

Bugger me this is freakish - reverb soaked psyched out strut grooved shoe gazed blues trippiness a go go - quite frankly pisses cool and comes kissed with the kind of fuzz flecked psychotropic swagger that only disciples of the dark arts of the gun club and lords of the new church could muster not to say shimmering in the shadow playing psychosis of Mr Airplane Man and reared on the primitive rumble of Link Wray (especially the wasted and fried shadow traced shimmer toned shakedown of ‘this possessed’) and no doubt subscribers to the 90‘s back catalogue of the likes of estrus and sympathy. Hailing from LA - from herein the trail runs cold - we’re assuming ’ep’ is their debuting release and bit of a belter it is curdled in a rumble ripping scowl and edged with a beaten around the edges swamp gouged psychosis. These bad babies - all five of them - purr, pose and prowl under shadow lined skies ‘an hour straight’ sounding at times like an infected and dark deeds dabbling insect guide blistered and bullied by the Manhattan Love Suicides with the sluggish aftertaste of a wasted thee hypnotics, somewhere else ’rebel spirits’ courts a twang riddled primitive voodoo blues mantra that calls upon the buckled blues spectres of gallon drunk, inca babies and early ‘Gregory’ Cramps. Best of the set is the smoked and choked dark glamour of ‘gin season’ - blistered bubble grooved pop spiked with a swaggering dirt smudged torch trimming and blessed with echoes of a latter career J. Thunders. Rumours abound that this lot will next feature on a strictly limited lollipop summer cassette compilation sharing space with the likes of Death lens, the lovely bad things and the brain hotel….gotta get me one of those. - Loosing Today

"Drinking Flowers EP by Drinking Flowers"

Dirty, post surf punk, alluring in ways typical lo-fi music just isn’t. This, is Drinking Flowers. Hailing from southern California, Drinking Flowers appeared into the scene very swiftly, and I haven’t the faintest idea of why it took me this long to fully listen to/review them. Whatever,I stumbled across their EP on facebook the other day and figured today is the day to share these rad tunes with you all.

Melancholy drifting through waves of excitement, underrated loneliness. Secretive party, relaxed outlook diminishing moodiness. Carefree in all honesty, corruption. Maturity is the new rebellion. Sunny drive until night, thoughts filling your mind, seeping into the atmosphere. A California breeze, an emotion, a mood. Drinking Flower’s “DRINKING FLOWERS EP” is the vibe we are all depending on to get us to summer, carrying us just enough to make it. Download it for $5 on bandcamp and stay tuned for casettes available soon via lolipop records!


California - Sincerely California


"Drinking Flowers" EP/Digital (Lolipop Records 2011)

"Drinking Flowers" EP/Cass (Lolipop Records 2012)

"Low Hopes" EP/Digital (Lolipop Records 2012)

"Low Hopes" EP/Cass (Lolipop Records 2012)



Drinking Flowers is an eclectic rock experiment. Unlike many of their contemporaries in their home state of California who are merely stealing the surf, and rock formulas of the 1960's Drinking Flowers is bringing an emotive experimental energy and philosophy to rock n' roll's revival.

Born out of a failed project between drummer Dominick and guitarist Alexander, Drinking Flowers began as a song-writing two piece. Months had passed, and soon the two piece ballooned into a five member band.

In the early stages of the project blues, neo-psychedelia, soul, and surf were the main musical agreements held between members. Bands like The 13th Floor Elevators, The Black Angels and Captain Beefheart reigned as mighty influences.

After recording their debut EP with Wyatt Blair (Lolipop Records/Cosmonauts/Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel) the group collectively decided to venture off into different musical directions and to explore the spaces in between their influences. Their primal early punk influences came out and meshed and clashed with their love for The Byrds, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mazzy Star.
The hyper-melodic musings of Robert Fripp danced around lo-fi garage rumblings and droning guitars.