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Drinking with Clowns

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"Party Poppers"

confusion while attempting to come up with a fitting name for their bilingual five-piece band. Inspired by Bob Marley, James Brown and Primus, these boys have tied together a unique sound of melodies that could easily be comparable to the audacious music of Black Eyed Peas.

Randomly switching languages from Spanish to English throughout the duration of their songs, guitarist Baldo Bobadilla, percussionist Chris Trujillo, keyboardist Daniel Lopez Carballido, bassist Hector Urtubia and drummer Marrio Williams have found comfort in the realm of indecision over whether they are a Latin American band or just an American band. Let's say they're somewhere in between.

"I know that saying we have our own 'unique sound' is very cliché, but I truly believe that we do," confidently says Urtubia, 28. "We densely mix together Latin, funk, jam, disco, pop, hip-hop, rock, reggae and even some punk-rock, when appropriate. Moreover, we mix Spanish, English and Spanglish in a lot of our material, sometimes all in the same song. Besides the different styles that we combine, we always try to project a really good vibe when we play live. We really enjoy ourselves when performing and love to get feedback from the crowd. If the people have fun, we play better, and then they'll have more fun, and one of these days, we might just explode from that energy circle. Sometimes we bring party poppers and other props on stage, just to get the people started. Silliness is one of the underlying themes of the group," Urtubia says, making the name of the band seem quite fitting--drunken clowns with party poppers, taking over the stage.

"We chose the name 'Drinking with Clowns' after about a year of trying to come up with something else. We had chosen a previous name until we found out that a metal band in South Carolina already had it. After we were completely tired of searching, we settled with the name we have now because it's somewhere between silly and evil. Besides, it leaves an interesting image. You've hardly ever seen it, but if you do, you'll remember it," says Urtubia.

Drinking with Clowns' sense of being all over the place is also seen in their physical appearance. Bobadilla, 28, sports a dark, lengthy goatee, as do a couple of the others band members, and Williams (in his mid-30s but unwilling to elaborate) has chosen to remain absolutely hairless and often cloaked in black. this five-piece band of silliness has been playing shows all over Reno, from the Hacienda to Record Street Café.

"We would like to get to a point where we create a great overall show that is amazing visually as well as musically," says Urtubia. "We want to play with everyone in town, from all walks of life, and create a huge jam session, making it a great party and to ultimately self-combust in the middle of a very intense live jam."

Self-combustion doesn't sound terribly enjoyable, but Drinking with Clowns wouldn't be content without creating some sort of onstage explosion--whether it be party poppers or self-combustion. Audience, prepare to make some noise. - Reno News and Review

"Local Band Q&A"

Funk, cumbia, hip-hop and rock: The Clowns’ music is a mix of the creativity, personalities and influences of each band member melted into a bowl of rhythm and fun.

After a search for a name with meaning, the image of a table full of clowns with big red shoes, make up and cocktails, solving the world’s problems, seemed to fit.

Hector (from Chile) on bass, Baldo (from Paraguay) on guitar, Marrio (from da Hood) on drums, and Kris (from Mexico) on percussions. All band members contribute to vocals.

Favorite Track
“Esta Noche It’s On� is a band favorite. It is a jam song with a Latin, Brazilian, and hip-hop flavor. All of the Clowns sing on this track, and have tons of fun playing it, we usually save it for the later part of the show to knock the party up a notch. In the jamming part, we abandon our regular instruments for drums and other Brazilian percussion toys.

July 21st @ the River School - 7777 White Fir
August 11th @ Studio 4 - Reno Passport


"Mind Your Head" (Dec 2007)

"Carbon Drum R&B Hip-Hop Compilation 2007"
featuring the track "Bubblegum Green".



Some of us have traveled the world to get here; living experiences good and bad which brought us to a place where the superficial differences, the stereotypes and misconceptions among us disappears. A place where we celebrate each other as people; where we are allow to BE, and forget about our fears. A place where color, background, languages, habits, beliefs and disbeliefs only add to the big picture; adds a voice to the harmony; a new character to the movie. A place that exits in our minds and guards our souls, held together by the unbound energy of music. And is through music, that we want to connect with others, share our experiences, learn yours. Everyday, every moment, we explore life, finding pieces of happiness by experimenting with emotions, laughter and love. We work , live, and dream of peace; and we encourage you to laugh, say ’gracias’ and groove.


The music of Drinking with Clowns is most influenced by the life experiences and personalities of each band member. Their inspiration comes from the world they live and it's music. They cross over a wide variety of music genres such Reggae, Hip-Hop, Samba, Cumbia, R&B, Disco and Rock. Their music mix the sounds of such bands as Los Amigos Invisibles, Ozomatli, Kinky, Soda Stereo, Gogol Bordello, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Bob Marley, James Brown, Micheal Franti, and many others. The lyrics of Drinking with Clowns music is fun and sexy, but carries a message of love and consciousness. They are on a mission of uniting the world and suggest to their audiences that peace is possible through laughter and love. The lyrics are in Spanish, English and "Spanglish".

In December 2007, they released their first home grown album "Mind Your Head" produced by long time friend and former band member Hector Urtubia from Chile. The name of the album came from Urtubia's travels to Thailand, where he saw caution signs on top of train doors translated to "Mind Your Head". Drinking with Clowns is expecting to release their next full album "My New Head" in Spring 2009.
Drinking with Clowns has been featured in local radio shows and all major publications in Reno, such the Reno Gazette Journal, Reno News and Review, Reno Passport and the Latino paper Ahora.
In 2008 Drinking With Clowns' CD "Mind Your Head" was chosen as the Top 3 of Northern Nevada by the Reno News and Revew and guitarrist and lead vocalist Baldo Bobadilla was chosen as one of the top musicians in the Norhtern Nevada.

Drinking With Clowns' track "Aventura" is currently in regular rotation in the Latino radio station 1400AM La Mega and their video "Excuse Me" is in rotation in the local TV program "Vision Sin Limite" available in various channels in the local cable network.