the Drink me Pretties

the Drink me Pretties

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

Songs to represent the emotion of our seasons. The music we live as our year moves on.


My name is Jeffrey Holmes and would like to introduce you to the Drink me Pretties. Influenced by artists such as Placebo, The Arcade Fire and Leonard Cohen we are a composite of Modern Rock, Indie Alternative and a humble dash of poetics.

A Canadian nationwide collaborative recording project making up four Ep’s for every season in the year 2010. Beginning with Winter and finishing with Autumn the music will change with the seasons in respect to the music styles we love and listen to.

Ten years of songwriting and wanderlust have culminated to feature a strict collection of the finest players I have welcomed in my travels. Using technology and air miles to record song's that never made the cut anywhere else the Drink me Pretties represent a journey’s end knowing the road never does. If this be a swan song of music my songs are many. My mates are few.

Cheers beautiful.


Winter (2010)

Set List

Touch the Ground
My Girlfriend the Pillowcase
Time (hands we hold)