Drink to the Mighty

Drink to the Mighty


This is passionate, tuneful, lyrical Folk/Punk. Based in Seattle Drink to the Mighty is a driven and enthusiastic musician who just wants to play for people and will excited to play for any size crowd. He is respectful and eager to work hard. Drink to the Mighty is the biggest commitment in his life


I am a solo act named Drink to the Mighty, my real name is Peter Lockwood and I love Folk/Punk. I've been inspired by Against Me!, Defiance Ohio, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Tallest Man On Earth, Mischief Brew, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen just to name a few. Every time I get the opportunity to I perform with as much energy as I can possibly manage. I love singing, I love playing guitar, I have experience doing both for audiences and I'm good at it too. At first glance I might just seem like another punk kid screaming on stage but I am a great lyricist and I wont feign modesty about it. I live in Seattle, I want to perform and I'm good at what I do.



Set List

Basement Mosh Pits
Concrete! Concrete! Concrete!
Shit stroll(cover)
Something About Dan
Tracyton Bvld.
The Gardener(cover)
Eye Contact!
Sad Moments of Clarity
Drinks to Friend With
Energy Kick