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"I-Drive Scores Orlando's Newest Cultural Gem: DRIP"

We experienced DRIP Saturday November 10, 2012 in it's new permanent home on International Drive. DRIP is the absolute antithesis to our city's other permanent productions in Orlando like Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil, Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Pirates Dinner Show, Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Theater, Capone's. There are no seats, no children, no dinners and no uplifting storyline. While DRIP is a love story, it doesn't feature a hero or princess.

Orlando is famous to tourists because of love stories. Without them and the cartoons they support, Orlando would still be orange groves and rocket ships. DRIP looks beyond that familiar love story never once uttering a single word.

It's hard to find the theater but the search has a treasure of a show at the end of it!

The venue's exterior and interior makes it clear that this isn't your typical I-Drive entertainment. Located on the backside of the same building as Senor Frogs, the theater is a bit hidden. I had to ask two valets and a person walking through the parking lot how to get there before I found it.

What is also neat is that DRIP is unabashedly attached to a Denny's, making it the hippest Denny's in the country.

When you enter, you're required to sign a release form and told this show is 21+. Leave the kids at home.

Once the waivers have been signed, the last signs of reality are gone: the space looks more like the set of HOSTEL than a theater.

A small bar offers beer and wine, including colored beer. Those colored beers feature the four colors used to tell the story. A table selling merch is also nearby. There's a stage that will eventually house an opening act band, but for now the space is just filled with the many cast and crew as they converse with the audience before the show.

The cast is all new for this iteration of the show. When we visited, some of the cast had only been in residence a few days. Some were still commuting from as far as an hour away. All of them seemed to believe in the possibilities of the show. The excitement that the entire cast and crew had about the show was contagious, By the end of the evening it seemed as though everyone there was equally excited about this fabulous new artistic addition to I-Drive.

The relaxed atmosphere of the windowless space would be more at home at one of the bars near UCF than on I-Drive. The dirt on the floor, hand made looking tables and chairs, and rough painted walls give the space a industrial bar feel.

The show has a live band and many nontraditional elements: throwing dirt, throwing clothes, strobe lights and lots of water. The theater has no safe zone and by the end of the show I had been splashed with water, dirt, and still had string hanging all over me.

The show is a stunning fusion of dance and raw materials in an artistic abstract manner. It captivates the audience in a strange manner that is one of a kind. The audience stands throughout the show and the performance happens all around the theater. This keeps the show perplexing yet engaged throughout, the liberal usage of water also keeps the audience engaged since it forces their phones to remain safely in their pockets the whole time. I would actually recommend keeping them back in the car because there is a chance you could get very wet experiencing this show.

We did tweet some from the show, as always make sure to follow us there for the latest on everywhere we are. Tickets are $35 at the door but reserving them online gives you a $6 discount. As already mentioned the show is 21 and up only. For now shows are only Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays at 8PM each night. I would show up a few minutes early though to grab a drink and get familiar with your surroundings before the show begins. Between DRIP and Senor Frogs out front this may be what transforms I-Drive into Orlando's most happening district.

If you're looking for a reason to go visit I-Drive, or even if you're not, DRIP is it! If you're looking for somewhere to take those out of town guest who are visiting DRIP is it.

I-Drive, meet Orlando's artistic side; artistic side, meet the tourists that fuel our economy. Welcome to DRIP. - The Daily City

"DRIP on I-Drive: Industrial dive bar + underground rock concert + alternative art"

Tourism and attractions are a major part of what makes Orlando the thriving and active city it is. There’s always something to do, and new things are opening up all the time for locals and vacationers to experience. One new establishment that is of particular note is a place on International Drive called DRIP. They opened in November and bring a whole new genre of entertainment and nightlife to the I-Drive stretch.

You may be asking yourself, what is DRIP? In a nutshell DRIP is an alternative arts entertainment company. It sounds avant garde and modern, yes, but DRIP is much more than that. Dancers, actors and musicians at DRIP combine visual, aural and performing arts together to create a full-on sensory show that ignites audiences. Performances at DRIP involve improv dancers and performers moving to the solid sounds of the house rock band with music composed by David Traver, a music director for the Blue Man Group. They use paint, water, sand and other materials as part of their shows, and you never know what they’re going to do with it! The space is intimate — only 100 people maximum per show — and audience members are encouraged to move around as the performers interact, connect and tell stories through motion.

Concept designer and CEO of DRIP, Jessica Mariko, says the idea got started some years ago when she decided to do a dance performance that experimented with dripping water and paint as part of the dance. Mariko loved the connection the materials made with her dancing, and she began to conceptualize DRIP. She says it took her and her staff and many volunteers quite a while to get the space now known as DRIP up to code and ready for audiences. “It was a combined effort with everyone working really hard to get this place going,” Mariko said. “The people here believe in this and are excited to be a part of this kind of performance and experience.”

My personal experience at DRIP was one that went through phases. Before I got there I did not know what to expect, and I thought the idea of the place was a bit absurd and possibly a little too far out of my comfort zone. Once the show began I soon realized that was the point of DRIP. It is meant to pull us from our norms and toss us into a new mix of vibrant self-expression. What audience members experience at DRIP is an entirely individual thing, but it is supposed to make you want to step outside of the box, and step out I did. From start to finish the talented performers at DRIP set up scenes, situations and dance numbers that rocked the house and definitely gave me a new approach to live performance. I found myself thoroughly enthralled with the performance, the atmosphere and the performers themselves. It was a new experience I’m very glad I was able to have.

DRIP is definitely for the open-minded. You might get wet. You might get sandy. There is a definite possibility that paint will be flung in your general direction. If this sounds like a blast to you or even if it sounds like something you might like to try then I suggest spending a well-worth-it evening at DRIP Orlando. It’s an industrial dive bar meets underground rock concert meets alternative performance and so much more. It is the kind of place you either totally enjoy and love and want to go back many times to or it is something you try and don’t do again. Extremes are the norm at DRIP and you definitely won’t forget a single minute of your visit. So dress down and rock out at DRIP!
DRIP Orlando is located in the heart of I-Drive in the same building as Senor Frogs (see my review of Senor Frogs). Go around the side of the building where Denny’s is, follow the parking lot straight back and you’ll find DRIP. If you’re planning a visit bear in mind that the shows use loud music and strobe lights. Persons with visual and aural sensitivities as well as those prone to seizures and fainting should NOT attend. You must be 21 and older with a valid ID to enter. A beer and wine bar (cash or credit) is available for your enjoyment. The shows average about 50 minutes in length and tickets are $35 at the door, $29 if purchased early online. For more information, events and show times visit http://www.ilovedrip.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter. - Orlando Informer


When one hears the word drip, you may not automatically think of a good thing.

Drip of a faucet.
A nose dripping.

But Central Florida’s DRIP, a new permanent performance art experience located on I-Drive is most definitely something to consider a good thing. Actually, in my opinion, it’s probably one of the coolest things to have ever come to Orlando. Seriously.

The set-up when guests first enter is pretty cool. Your hand gets stamped, and according to the location of the stamp will determine your location during the show. Mine, personally, was on my right hand, so I was located just to the right of the stage during the performance.

As you can see, the audience is right up on the performers and are essentially part of the show. It’s very interactive.

This isn’t an exact representation of the show here in Orlando but it gives you a little idea about what the experience offers:

A few things to note:
You will get messy. Perhaps paint. Perhaps water or sand. There’s a chance you could even have beer thrown on you (is that a bad thing?).
It’s highly-interactive.

It’s a little loud. There is a live band, after all.

There are strobe lights used during the performance, if you have sensitivity to such things.

I hope you’re intrigued, and will pay these guys a visit. Central Florida needs more creative/arts experiences like this.

Location deets:

8747 International Drive
Suite 102
Orlando, Fl 32819

You can view more of our photos on our Flickr stream. You can also Follow DRIP on Twitter to keep up with everything going on with the show. - Pulse of Central Florida


Still working on that hot first release.



DRIP is an in-your-face explosion of color and movement backed by a live rock band. You may get wet … you may get messy … you WILL have a full on assault to your senses. DRIP has a brand new permanent home in the heart of International Drive (I-drive) within walking distance of the Orange County Convention Center, numerous hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

DRIP is an arts entertainment company that combines performing and visual arts to create full sensory environments that excite and move audiences.

DRIP is known for their highly visual, innovative and messy performances in colored sand, raining paint, flying water and more!

Fan Reviews: http://www.ilovedrip.com/drip-mobile-reviews/

Press Reviews: http://www.ilovedrip.com/new-entertainment/

DRIP performs all over the world as well on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (8 PM) at their industrial dive bar art and music venue located at 8747 International Dr. Orlando, Fl 32819.