BandHip Hop

Chino X.L., Twista mixed together with a little bit of Talib Kweli. Ferocious drum patterns twined with Dirty South/East Coast feel with a sprinkle of tasty West Coast melodies for production and lines that are strong enough to hold the world record Great White Shark on!


D’RIPTION was born David A. Landix Jr. on August 8, 1981. David Jr., The second child in a family of 4 was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. David Jr. or D’RIPTION is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist who uses positive and spiritual lyrics to express his views to the majority. D’RIPTION was raised on the rough streets of Los Angeles, California & while growing up in South Central, David was able to avoid the drug and gang route by focusing and excelling in school and sports.
In 2001 David was introduced to Rapper/Producer DOLO PACINO after spitting freestyles at L.A. Academy M.S. where they worked. The students at L.A. Academy M.S. would constantly say, "D, Rip something", which led to the name D'RIPTION. Furthermore, D'RIPTION has been writing, recording & mastering various lyrical styles.

D'RIPTION one of the baddest rap artists ever to come out of the West Coast has worked on several released and unreleased projects. These projects include “Crystal Soundtrack”, DOLO PACINO’S “Role Model”, “GOD’S Dynasty Mix tape” & a few released singles from his debut album “D'RIPTION”! The newly released single “It’s your turn to shine” feat. VASHTI’ has already started charting on Internet Charts/ Polls it’s first week out! Earning multiple awards and Track of the day on Garageband.com! D’RIPTION is also known for his naturally smooth delivery creating an explosive yet poetical package but has the lyrics to verbally obliterate anyone in his path! Nonetheless, He has what it takes to tackle any opponent in his territory!! Believe me he is definitely going to top the charts worldwide with his flows reminiscent of Chino XL and Twista patterns!! Expect a 5 Mic classic from D’RIPTION hailing from L.A. California on GARODRO RECORDS/5th.Avenue Prod. You will be enlightened!! GARODRO RECORDS: www.garodro.com


"It's your turn to shine" feat. Vashti', Y'all ain't Ready & "It's my turn to spit!"

Set List

1.It's my turn to spit!
2.Y'all ain't ready
3.It's you turn to shine!
Sets are normally 8-15 Min. total
Three songs at 4 minutes each with set up.