Driven brings rock back to the masses. Combining their all original sound with intense songwriting, undeniable musical ability and one of the best live rock shows you can experience.


Abandon any preconceived notion you had about rock music, DRIVEN will defy your expectations. This band of musicians will soon be rocking the music industry, with a fierce new sound and impressive lineup.

Fronted by newcomer Ashlee Bynum, who combines one of the strongest and most intense vocal ranges since Janis Joplin, guitarist Brandon Autry’s powerful lead guitar along with the strong thunderous grooves of drummer Gary Campbell and the undeniable low-end punch of bassist Trey Landis. This combination brings DRIVEN to a unique and elevated status of musicians rarely heard in the music world today.

Hailing from the plains of Oklahoma, DRIVEN has grabbed the attention of some major players in the industry since the release of their first CD in 2002. One of those major players, Jim Halsey has been a dominant figure in the music and entertainment industry for over 50 years, working with some of the most illustrious figures in music including James Brown, Reba McEntire, Roy Orbison, Leon Russell and many others. Halsey and his company, The Jim Halsey Company now represents DRIVEN and have signed them to an exclusive management contract.

DRIVEN’s blizzard of activity has included radio broadcasts and feature guest spots on radio stations throughout the region. As well as a busy show schedule thanks in part to their growing base of fans worldwide and award nominations including the state’s highest musical honor at the 2003 Spot Music Awards.

DRIVEN have a solid standing in music and in life, which include entrepreneurial business ventures. Guitarist, Brandon Autry owns one of the most successful independent music stores in the southwest.

With their talent, attitude and commitment, DRIVEN are well on their way to becoming one of music’s defining bands and long lasting success stories.


Self titled 5 song CD

Set List

Original Material:
Mr. Lovely
No Goodbyes
Long Road Ahead
Where Was The Rain
Jealousy's King
Break Free
Hard To Let Go

cover's include artists such as KISS, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Creed, Chevelle, etc.

indoor/outdoor shows with 1-3 hr. sets as well as intervals (festivals, tours, etc.)