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The best kept secret in music



On Friday, March 23rd Mancini's in Canoga Park----which by the way has been fully remodeled and looks great! ----put on the show of the year playing host ot none other than 80's metal gods QUIET RIOT who kicked off a world tour that night with their only L.A. apperance.
Kevin, Carlos and the band put on one Hell of a show playing their clasic rock anthems like "Cum On Feel The Noize" and "Metal Health(Bang Your Head)". plus a few of their newer songs, proving that they're still hard rock kings.
However, the biggest suprise of the night came from Quiet Riot's opening act, OUTCAST. This ultra heavy band blew away the packed club with their powerful melodic metal set.
Outcast is band of skilled songwriters and players. Each tune is packed with musical changes and vocal variations, intricately arranged and presented professionally. Seeing Outcast perform was like watching a mini arena show----pro gear, big banner, light and smoke effects, tremendous mix---this band certainly puts the show back in rock show.
Now here's something different, Outcast's drumer uses an electronic kit---and it sounds great! Another reason to see this band---awesome dual leads from Outcast's guitarists who also cranked out some pretty hooky riffs I still can't get out of my head. Plus the bass lines are as intricate as the guitar parts. The vocals---some girls next to me kept squealing that the singer was sooo cute---are growly one minute, then high and creechy the next!
Where has this great band been hiding? This was one of the best live shows I've seen in awhile! It took a legendary band like Quiet Riot to go on stage after Outcast and be able to hold their own! A few more shows like this one and Mancini's is going to become a Los Angeles club to be reckoned with
Here's my advice to fellow music maniacs---never miss Quiet Riot live, go out and see Outcast and check out some bands at Mancini's. Be sure to tell them The King of Rock Fans sent you! - ROCK CITY NEWS by The King of Rock Fans

"What's in a name?"

Being forced to change theirs helped define the style and identity of Driven By Hate.

Powered by uranium, fueled by nitroglycerine, and driven by an intense desire to create gargantuan tidal waves of sonic energy, Driven By Hate starts off its metalhead concerts with an impossibly fast series of riffs. The lip of the stage curls away in fright as the speedfreak chord changes curdle any liquid in a half-block radius. Then they suddenly halt. For one terrifying second of reverberating silence, during which the echo of your soul is hanging in the air. Yet before anyone can react, they crash onward at an even faster pace than before. Can't be done. But it is! A roiling unearthly mass of overtones attacks your skin and you have no choice but to get caught up in the flow of notes and ride the waves of sizzling harmonics.

There is cacophonous and evil intent in the bass and drum work of Jon Purpura and John Franco. Purpura alternately caresses and attacks his customized Gibson Thunderbird basses as he lays down the bottom end of the sonic spectrum. Franco powers his Ludwig kit and Paiste cymbals like a runaway freight train. Singer Mike Hutchings wails with impressive and demonic glee, taking listeners to places they've never been.

Using DigiTech guitar effects, guitarists Steve Bousquet and Rick Bierbower create a buzz that the band steers right into the flames of the sun.
On top of the thick slabs of artful noise, Bousquet often picks out furious lines that explore power chords from the inside out. He can hit that magical overload condition where so many notes are played each second that your head can't process the information and you just watch his fingers turn into a blur. Working together, Bousquet's Gibsons and Bierbower's Infinity guitars are lethal.

When they slow things down for a steaming Black Sabbath cover, the whole room seem to implode for a few moments, swirling into the void until they crank out the final vers at top speed once again.

Formerly known as Outcast, they were forced to make a change when another similarly-named band emerged with a record deal. It bothered the boys at the time, but it may have been a good thing since their new moniker is hard-edged and full of fury. Driven by fire, driven by guillotine, driven by hurricane, driven by fate, Driven By Hate. - SuperSonics by Gerald Laurence


Done With Life - CD 2006 Carnivorous Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Driven by Hate is the culmination of over a decade of aggression. Originally the band was named Outcast. This entity was known for it’s un-relentless mayhem and power through the end of the 80’s and early 90’s. This lineup is still known as a Southern California legend. In 1992, after several lineup changes, Bierbower and Bousquet teamed up with Purpura, starting a new chapter in the mayhem. Their writing styles were totally different, but the meshing was remarkable. Shortly thereafter Hutchings came into the picture and the puzzle was complete. This lineup started crushing the L.A. circuit in 1993. Outcast played all the major clubs with headlining acts such as Testament, Flotsam & Jetsam, Nevermore, Snot, Quiet Riot, Stuck Mojo, System of a Down and many others. In 1996, Outcast teamed up with Bob Kulick to produce their hard-hitting self-titled debut. He saw the onslaught of aggression, insane pits and headbanging of the filled-to-capacity crowds. He decided to lend his expertise to the project. While they were in the studio recording the CD, the funk-rap band OutKast hit. They were faced with the need for a name change. After a million suggestions, Driven by Hate was born. The band was immediately signed by MSI in France and the CD was released in 1997. Tons of fans hit the website and phone calls came in to do radio interviews. The label soon disappeared. Because of lack of support DBH went on hiatus. In the interim, Purpura, Bierbower and Hutchings continued working on other projects. Everyone figured that DBH would eventually start playing again, but no one anticipated that one original member would not be a part of the reconciliation. In September of 2003, Steve Bousquet died of a heart attack. He is missed greatly, but it is time to move on. Bierbower had been playing in another local band, 5FU with Rick Blyn. Blyn’s style is similar to DBH’s and seems to be a good fit. Purpura had been playing with White Urban Trash, a local punk-thrash band with drummer John Franco. Once again, a good rhythm section fit, so after a phone call to Hutchings, DBH is up and running with full force. With the talent, influences and motivation kicked into high gear, DBH is ready to take on the world again. They have certainly paid their collective dues, but persistence and dedication is what it takes.