Drives Like June

Drives Like June


Hey, we're Drives Like June. A group of 5 highschool guys who are out to just enjoy playing whatever we play, from blues to singersongwriter style songs, and classic rock inspired leads to piano driven ballads, we'll play it if we like it, so give us a shot.


Drives Like June is a rock band that origiated in the summer of '05. We may not have all the same members as we started off with, but everything worked out for the better. We're basically here to write some songs that people will enjoy listening to, and we love to play. The point of the band is to pretty much have fun and get other people into as much as we are. We're highschool aged guys who just love to play music. Case and point.


So far, DLJ has put out a indie release of 3 one mic'd tracks entitled, "Drives Like June", and is in the process of finishing up a 5 or 6 song indie release entitled "Street Road". Additionally, we have a horrid recording of our first live gig, but thats just with three members... 4 good recordings can be found on our myspace. Check out the setlist to see what has been recorded.

Set List

Usually our setlist is around 10-15 songs, which save for one or two are all original. That takes up from about 35-45 minutes, but newer songs are starting to fill up more time. Typical covers include Weezer and The Wonders

in no real order, our setlist should include:
(* denotes a song with an available recording)

1)Face Your Demons*
2)Day by Day*
3)Bright As The Sun*
4)Bad Drillin
6)Language of Love
7)It’ll All Be Ok*
8)Love Triangle*
9)Hook Line Sinker
10)Proof is Proof
11)Everyday I’m Feeling Blue
12)Spring Cleaning*