Driving Alberta

Driving Alberta

 Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

High Energy, will get any type of crowd going. All ages find our performances entertaining.


Our band loves to play live, and always seems to get the audience on their feet. When we're not playing out we're writing new original material and rehearsing. Our influences range from: Van Halen, Def Leppard, Ramones, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, White Stripes and Metallica to name a few. The 3 members of our band have been best buddies since the 3rd grade and not only enjoy performing together but just hanging out as well. what sets us apart the most from our peers is that we deliver a very large sound and performance from 3 pretty small dudes.


1. Hung Out To Dry

2. Your Life

3. Gone Forever

Set List

-Hung Out To Dry
-Smooth Criminal
-Can't Stop
-My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
-Can't Explain

That is a typical setlist that you'd see us play live, but we have 7 other songs that we'll switch out every show, to make sure the crowd doesn't get bored.