Rob Jamieson Drumming

Rob Jamieson Drumming

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Straightforward classic rock sound with a new-age feel. Sounds like what your thinking, and sounds familiar but still original. Honest.


Driving In Silence has been kicking around the Baltimore and beyond area for over 6 years now. Though the lineup has changed through the years, many of the same attitudes and feel in the songs are the same. This band bio could be 10 pages long if we were to include all the crazy stories from shows, recording opportunities and the various practice spots through the years. Three years ago, we finally found our home at Hour Haus Studios in Baltimore where we practice on a regular basis.

It's a singer songwriter guitar player (Archie) and his brother the drummer (Rob) who are now playing with another singer songwriter guitar player turned bass player. The combo is quite successful. It is easiest to let the music speak for itself. Our personalities are quite similar to the attitudes of the lyrics and the style of the instrumentation. The last release "It's Your Funeral" has a twisted theme to the title, but the artwork is quite cheerful. It's the same idea of a birthday card but with the opposite meaning. Our live show is a stronger more powerful version of the recording, although some of the songs on the last record have live takes. The band continues to evolve into a broader spectrum of feel in the songs. We are not one-dimensional and there is a style of song on this record for everyone. All three of the members have been playing music for some time, and are quite experienced in everything involving recording, practicing and playing shows. Music is the one constant in our lives, although we all take something different away from it. Hope you enjoy.


"It's Your Funeral!" 2008 recorded by J. Robbins
Mastered by West West Side

Set List

Most shows that we play are 25-45 minute sets.
The set list is compromised of the following:
Dear Ms. Actress, To Kill a Man, Anger, Old Neighborhoods, The Good Ideas in Bars, Crook, Kill Your Husband.
There are also some covers we play including:
Green River (Credence Clearwater Revival)
Help! (The Beatles)
2012 (Lush Farm)
This set list continues to grow, and has included many many other songs in the past. We generally stick to our more recent material, but sometimes we play acoustic sets with only guitar.