Start with Led Zeppelin, place it on the body of Guns & Roses, transplant Queen's harmonies, a twist of Creed & the heat from a hot, sibling fronted band, the fused outcome...Drivn.


DRIVN does not hide behind any labels to describe them, or fashions to define them. Straight up rock and roll is what they deliver. They seamlessly go from melodic hard driving rock, to supernal grooves that will instantly grab your attention. They have a unique classic rock style that has been gaining recognition and respect throughout the rock music scene. This powerful band explodes on the stage with a high-energy performance. An identifiable lead vocalist, Trampus Stamper, has the ability to connect with fans from Middle school to Baby Boomers. The new album was co-produced by Gary Cirimelli www.amuletmusic.com (Sony Music, Journey, Train, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion) and Skye Moore www.skyemoore.com (Southern Signal Records). Both producers brought their unique sound, vibe and flavor to the project, capturing dueling lead guitars, 4-part harmony vocals, mesmerizing drums solos, and influences from Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Guns N Roses. From the heart-wrenching “View from Heaven” to the thunderous roars of “Nature of the Beast” there’s a song for every listener. With songs reminiscent of rock legends spanning four decades, early reviews describe the album as sounding, "more like a greatest hits album, than a debut". Undoubtedly, DRIVN will spawn a new generation of rock fans.


DRIVN: Volume 1
DRIVN: Volume 2

Set List

DRIVN Set List
Cold Hard Bitch
When I Found You
Mr. Brownstone
View From Heaven
Blue Jeans
Sex Type Thing
Crazy Bitch
Whiskey In The Jar
Devil's Daughter
Listen To The Music
Break On Through
Been Awhile
I Don't Wanna Be
If You Could Only See
My Sacrifice
Go My Way
Arms Wide Open
Real World
Keep Away
Jessies Girl
Figured You Out
Paint It Black
Harder To Breathe
7 Nations Army
Comfortably Numb
Whipping Post
Them Bones
Nature Of The Beast
Easy Goodbye
How Am I To Love You
For Awile
Take My Girl
Better Off Dead
Jumpin Jack Flash
Lips of an Angel
Sweet Emotion