Woodstock, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

A twist of the music from the late 80's with the music of this era. Like a Tribe called Quest/Jurassic 5 meets Outkast.


I'm a solo artist that just wants to bring a positive message through the artform of hip-hop. I grew up listening to Run DMC and A Tribe called Quest. I want to write songs like they did, the kind that take your mind off your problems instead of the music that makes you want to cause more. There are some artists that are still doing it this way (Jurassic 5, Black Eyed Peas, Heiroglyphics) but not enough. I have just always loved hip-hop and make this music for the love of it. I put no pressure on myself to succeed in anyway. I want to be an artist not an act. I make the music and if you like it then you like it, I dont want to just conform and just make music the way everybody else is doing it right now. I can only do what i know and be myself, people cannot deny someone who is real.


No Changes Made

Written By: Ryan Johnson

Lyrics: Ryan Johnson/Produced by D-R-J/Recorded at Str8 Shooter Productions///giving it to you like I been here for a while now/leaving you in awe because I know how/it’s a secret and I keep it locked away in a safe/If you need it you can see it but you cannot have a taste/cause it’s mine all mine and what’s mine is not yours/there’s just some things in life you keep behind closed doors/but of course you gotta try to find a way of your own/here’s a bit of advice you cannot make it alone/that’s why I keep an open mind and rhyme/whenever wherever whatever the price is/just show me where the mic is/and I will begin/ to present my recent/discovery lovin me/cause I seem to be hovering/over all the competition and switchin I wont do/how can I be myself trying to be like you/you’re a hater of the greater cause the greater is a threat/I put my words on the paper so I wont forget/while your still freestylin’ you wonder where I went/then you hear these words emerge from your tv set///mc’s out there listen up close/we the one’s that be rockin the most/it don’t matter what you say we gone do our thing/and make it in this rap game without having to change/(2x)///what would happen if rappin/ remained for strickly hand clappin/people laughin and carrying on/that’s what would be going on/long as you have a good time was the design/now we find people are dying trying to ease their mind/line after line what you rhyme is a crime/I’m sick and tired of sitting back I think I’m gonna make this mine/take me over all over/increase my range like a rover/pray to God every night and try to keep my rhymes sober/will all the other mc’s please bend over/ I got this on lock/and we got plenty in stock/by the way I’m the doc/people stop when I rock/and you know they stick around once I let the beat(umm Drop!)///Chorus///get up(5x)it don’t matter what you say/get up(5x)we aint never gonna change///Chorus///

Seasons of Exile

Written By: Ryan Johnson

Lyrics: Ryan Johnson, Kenzie Clark/Produced by: D-R-J/Recorded at Str8 Shooter Productions///people all around acting like they can rock the mic/whether black Puerto Rican or white/I just might have to show/all that I know/expose the true realm like I was wearing no clothes/many are called but there are few that are chose/found out that I won but I took a few blows/like a nose bleed feeling like I’m being run down/if you sow seed reeling like a fish on the prowl/chasing the bait I hate I have to wait/seems like I’m always cleaning my slate/just to say that I felt what I held for a period/but hitting the wall ya’ll has got me all delirious/I need to break out like I was fast and I was furious/thoughts are lost and tossed to this dude curious/hurry and get home/is runnin through my dome/like a cornerstone/I’ll keep holding on/till the roof is blown/steadily marching on/left,right,left,right///nobody can stop me now cuz I know how to use all the things I’ve been given to me so I lead you into into the land///I don’t contemplate or wait/ when the fate of a beat is at stake/ I grab the mic ready to swat then I step up to the plate don’t hate when I create rhymes and you see me advance/ and you just stuck in the same pattern like you square dancin’/I spit to ill beats that are not to be reconded with/and conquer new feats at every seconds width/of time watch me climb as they turn into minutes/as I flip rhymes open your mind and they’’ll be in it/I wwastched as nothing transformed to something/now somethings got me caught that wont let me stop till I’m sittin o top keeping the beats on lock/coming str8 out your boombox/from this kid out the boondocks/so take your daily dose from the D-R/cuz you can shine like a light and not be a star///chorus///give me the power to devour all that neglect/cause I will never go out without respect/when it gets hectic I get prophetic/drop some knowledge on the crowd you can expect it/like it’s set in stone there’s no way to get away/now that I’m ridin on chrome it’s on with no delay/say what you want if you want about my style/no matter the taunt I’ll launch till you break down/buckle /like on the belt of my uncle/size don’t matter/ it’s the swing of the batter/mines smooth and I’ll lace one till you taste one/face one by one till each of us sees the sun insight beneath my strength/mine extends to the highesth and farthest length/I don’t care about what your forefathers think/cuz I could be out of here in a blink///chorus///


Written By: Ryan Johnson

Lyrics: Ryan Johnson/Produced by: D-R-J/Recorded at Str8 Shooter Productions///let me break it down for all you fellow Americans/trying to impress your friends this is where it begins/lend me your ear and your hand would be nice to grip it tight/just right mc’s of the light/always come out at night so they can shine so bright/and just rip something off to make you feel alright/bite down on the towel they give to ease the pain/cause I sustain the rain of the train running circle in your brain/and you cant contain the bobbin of your head/instead read the words in red/look ahead watch the movement spread/it is something that you need like the nourishment of bread/go ahead is what they said when I stepped up to it/had to fight through it those times that I thought I blew it/like a runny nose felt torn like some runny hose/but I struck a pose when I had to fight I through them bows/now that I’m thawed out from when I was froze/all I see and know is str8 shooter pros/so no matter if your friends no matter if your foes/you cant help but to feel it when this thing explodes///battlin’ this world for whatever I can get my hands on/cause your treasure is the measure up until this land’s gone/it don’t matter just whatever you can find to stand on/use to say never now it’s my pleasure to get on this microphone/on this microphone, to get on this microphone, to get on this microphone/and now it’s on till the break of dawn///timeless acts and countless tracks/keep me on a positive tip str8 defying the whack/and lack of creativity will not get the best of me/when I grab the m-I-c it’s like giving lessons free/if you study you will find/you cant write a rhyme like mine/so be an individual/get yours from the spiritual/or you’ll suck just like the Bulls/without Michael breakin’ fools/you keep trying to break the rules/but you work without the tools/just like all them other goons/we got something for you soon/hunt you down like Daniel Boone/sweep you up just like a broom/whom in the world can break it down so fine/so fine that you can pile it up and sniff it in a line/I’m trying to help you see/that it’s individuality/come back to reality/place your ball on the tee/once you get in your backswing/make sure that your using Ping/and your game will str8 up bling/promise you’ll be runnin’ things/rings from your pinkies all the way to your thumbs/people everywhere beggin’ just for your crumbs///Chorus/2x///


The Good ol' Dayz (2000)
Exception to the Rule (2001)
Prophetic Rise (2003)

Set List

My typical set list would usually consist of around 6-8 songs not including an intro. I would start off with an intro consisting of a dj spinning something maybe with just scratching, sometimes with me rapping a verse to bring everyone in. Then i would go into my set: No Changes Made, Pathway Blazer, No Where, Pullin' Teeth, then slow it down with Never Too Late, Closing Time, usually ending it with M-I-C. My set usually last around 30 to 45 minutes and i try not to talk too much. I figure if it is a show then people are there to hear your music not you talking all the time. I usually do not do covers but will rap an original song over a popular beat from time to time.