Danny Rebel & The KGB
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Danny Rebel & The KGB

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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"Danny Rebel & The KGB: Soul Shaker"

The latest in a long line of excellent bands to emerge on the Montreal ska scene are Danny Rebel & The KGB. Formed in 2008 they have shared stages with the likes of The Slackers, Westbound TRain, Subb & The Planet Smashers & This Summer say them put out their impressive debut album, titled "Soul Shaker". The dics mixes up old school reggae & trad ska flavorings with hints of The Clash & Sublime & boasts powerfully soulful vocal talent in Philippines born frontman Danny Rebel. - Do The Dog Skazine UK

"Danny Rebel & The KGB: Live @ The Cobalt (VAN)"

Hailing from our eastern mecca of Montreal, Danny Rebel and the KGB brought with them a quarter glass Bedouin and a quarter glass Sublime, shaken with a half pint of traditional reggae... Paying homage to their “514” area of Montreal as well as our old friend Joe Strummer in their set closer with “Police On My Back,” it’s endearing that their influences are a big part of their sound. These merits can be experienced on their newly released Soul Shaker EP. Pick it up (pick it up), if you can.
- West Coat Weasel

"Danny Rebel & The KGB: Live @ The Drake (TO)"

“Let’s keep it steady. Let’s keep it funky!” Brimming with the energy of a ska party-jam this is soulful/danceable music that conveys what artists like Bob Marley and James Brown meant to people back then. - Lonely Vagabond

"Danny Rebel & The KGB: Soul Shaker"

Release Date: August 6th 2010

First of all, I would like to say that it brings me great pleasure to be reviewing the first album for Danny Rebel & The KGB, Soul Shaker.

When I speak to people about Danny Rebel & The KGB their first reaction is always "What a voice!" Danny is an incredible singer and songwriter. With their blend of soul, rock, ska and reggae, I can say with confidence that this is definitely just the beginning for the band.

Hang Tough was actually the first song I listened to and I was surprised at how much it reminded me of the Sublime era. I knew right away I was really going to enjoy this record. I absolutely love the wild organ solo in Disinformation, such a catchy song! Marianne reminds me of old time rock and roll. It has a danceable beat that is sure to get people on their feet. However, my favorite song on the album is without a doubt Dirty Soul. Between Danny's soulful voice, the melody, lyrics, organ, guitar, and especially the bass I was blown away to say the least! The Man comes as my second favorite. I can appreciate every little details that was incorporated into this song such as the soft chimes in the background.

Each song is unique and has a great combination of different sounds, instruments and even some random vinyl spinning too which is predominant in Rebel Anthem. If you really love this album and plan to go to their next show, I can assure you what you hear is what you get. Danny Rebel & The KGB have been in the scene for quite sometime and now this record is definitely going to bring them the recognition they deserve. (Review by Nat)

Favorite Songs: Dirty Soul, The Man and Disinformation

Rating: 9/10

- Ska Montreal


Blastoff! (2012)

Soul Shaker (2010)



DANNY REBEL & THE KGB return from the nether regions of the Galaxy to ensure the Human race can DIG the new sights & sounds. HEAL, Brother, HEAL!


5 men on a mission, 5 men who have collided together to create a sound unlike any other. A sound designed to enlighten those who are HIP to the fact that it's alright to love Punk as much as Reggae, Soul as much as Gypsy Revival, Bang! as much as Boom!. A style formed on the basis that pushing the envelope is a necessity, not an outcome.
5 men who want nothing more than to travel far & wide to bring people the sound they've created. Through tireless efforts in the fields of Style & Substance, Danny Rebel & The KGB have been, since 2006, systematically crossing off places on the map as "Conquered" or "To be conquered". Your city is NEXT.

Their crowning achievement of their work comes in the form of their debut full-length, BLASTOFF!, recorded & produced by Dub scientist Victor Rice. An album that spans sixteen tracks and three continents, available Summer 2012 on Stomp Records, is all you'll need to convince yourself deep down that you were, are, and always will be a part of the KGB. So fly your flag, get on the dance floor, and let loose! When faced with the prospect of the future, the KGB are quick to reply:

"We've traveled back in time from the future to ensure that all is BANG!, life is BOOM!, and the universe continues to be 300% DYNAMITE!"