DR. MiNT is pure musical mad science! A perscription for tired ears, 5 savage musicians mind-meld for spontaneous sonic construction - dynamic, beautiful, twisted, grooving, explosive improvised musical dreamscapes take you deep within the language of unrestricted, uninhibited musical expression!


“With unswerving focus and expansive vision…Dr. Mint present a thoroughly modern view of jazz informed, but not limited by, a dark and sometimes menacing future.”

- Troy Collins, AllAboutJazz.com

DR. MiNT is dedicated to the art of spontaneous composition. This process involves a combination of improvisation and spontaneous music notation in an effort to create coherent, concert-length works of art. Critical Review Service says DR. MiNT’s music “ranges from experimental, pseudo-classical, Avant-garde, to blues metal or acid,”, and is “fresh and invigorating,” according to eJazzNews.com. Cadence Magazine calls the DR. MiNT experience ”exciting and inspired throughout…a thrilling rush akin to riding a roller-coaster without proper restraints.” DR. MiNT has recorded several of their epic performances, as these are unique artistic experiences, impossible to replicate.

DR. MiNT”s debut recording, Visions and Nightmares, released on pfMentum in 2008, has received international critical acclaim and is turning heads around the world. “An amazing album - each listening has emphasized its strength to me, and provided more highlights,” says Ampersand Etcetera. Recorded in two consecutive unabridged, unedited takes, the album documents the group’s inception. “The performances and pacing are top notch…a wonderful trajectory…that almost denies the idea of it being completely improvised…I can't wait to hear what happens next,” says Jay Batzner from Sequenza 21.

In late 2008, DR. MiNT released their highly anticipated follow-up album, A New Symphony, boldly presenting an alternative view of symphonic form. Recorded in a single 53+ minute live performance, DR. MiNT weaves a multi-movement, epic improvisation that truly ebbs and flows like a symphony. AllAboutJazz.com characterizes DR. MiNT’s sound as “Caterwauling horns, scorching metallic guitar and a thrashing prog-metal rhythm section alternate bone-crushing intensity with introspective passages and dark cinematic ambiance.”

After Visions and Nightmares and A New Symphony, DR. MiNT began to experiment with a new process. By physically notating themes and phrases during live performance, DR. MiNT has opened exciting new possibilities in the construction and organization of large-scale musical works, while maintaining the group’s dedication to spontaneous composition. This process is documented on DR. MiNT’s third album, recorded in October 2008 and due for release on SNP Records in early 2009.

DR. MiNT is passionate about music education. Having received their educations from some of America’s leading musical institutions, including the Eastman School of Music, California Institute of the Arts, University of Nevada, Reno, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Interlochen Arts Academy, and the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, the members of DR. MiNT appreciate the value of higher musical education. Each member of DR. MiNT is a working musician, composer, entrepreneur, clinician and private music instructor, and as a group DR. MiNT offers amazing clinics on their approach to spontaneous composition, the climate of the music industry, and music making in general. Some of the topics and concerns discussed in a DR. MiNT clinic include:

• Spontaneous Composition – Why is it different than simply improvising or jamming?
• Counterpoint – Composing, playing, and listening as a group
• Melting Pot – Using the totality of one’s stylistic influence
• Sound and Silence – Using all the colors of one’s dynamic palette
• Time – Moving in and out of groove and tempo, but always moving forward
• Sonic Spirit – Accessing one’s inner spirituality and a collective conscious through improvisation
• Live Performance vs. Recording – Balancing deep listening and introspection with extrovert enthusiasm for your audience
• Running a Band and Producing Records
• The Ever-Changing Industry – Caleb Dolister and Daniel Rosenboom run the label SNP Records and are always watching new trends in media distribution
• Interactive experiences and improvisation experiments with brave music students.

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Visions and Nightmares - pfMentum (PFMCD 049)
A New Symphony - SNP Records (SNPDM 001)

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Set List

Due to the nature of DR. MiNT's approach to music, every show will be different. Sometimes we play epic improvisations which last for the whole set. Sometimes we play shorter more concise concepts. The set ususally runs about 45minute - 1 hour. We can do multiple sets if desired.