DR Nickel

DR Nickel

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Dr Nickel uses the secret rituals of pc software recording along with various other Software Synths. Combined with the age old art of live instrumentation using Guitars,Drums and Piano to create the canvas for stories of struggles, power, pain and happiness. Its George Carlin meets Herbie Hancock.


All the music heard on this page is written and produced by Dustin R. Nickels (dr. Nickel). I use a Pc, Reason, Ableton, Sonar, Korg synth, Pioneer CDj, Turntables and Live insruments such as guitar, drums and piano to produce and record my music. Some other mc's and producers I record with on a regular basis (Matlock,Id,Leif(kolt),Brandish) help create the sound you hear on a DR Nickel album.

I had been playing in various live bands at venues and festivals for rockers and hippies all over the west coast for the last ten years. And all the while going to Hip Hop shows, writing poetry, Djing and Producing and one day I finally decided to Create and perform original Hip Hop. I had to.....It was all i listened to at that time in 2002. I wanted to write with the same heart and intensity of the Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop and Live music I had grown up listening to and following my whole life. By 2004 I made my first Hip Hop Album "ommc"and there was no denying anymore......I was addicted to that swing and hit of the kick and the snare, the BOOM bass and the raw emotion and real life stories coming from the mc. In 2006 I unofficially released "Propoganda for Dummies" soon to be officially released (when i'm not broke as fuck)hopefully in the near future. It is now almost 2008 and I am currently working with Leif(kolt) and Id on a Tidepool album.

The local San Diego Hip Hop scene is small but growing. Myself along with a large number of local crews and producers are dedicated to providing the Hip hop heads in San Diego with an alternative to the mainstream media driven mindless nonsense heard on the radio. Adopted Prophets Entertainment along with Tidepool music and Fuck the Bullshit Recordings are playing shows and making music for SD supporters.


"Backwerds" and "Hurry up and wait" both singles released 2007 will be aired In late Dec. 07 along with interviews with Dr. Nickel on the Community Service Radio. "Movements" ep released in 2002 is available on cd baby. Out of print "ommc" was released in 2004. "Propoganda for Dummies" was released in 2006 and can be heard on www.myspace.com/adoptedprophets. Dr. Nickel is working with Id (Tidepool,Genious of Soul) and Leif(kolt) on the next Tidepool music release in 2008.

Set List

pick a route
dont believe everything
hurry up and wait
on a mission

Sets are usually 30min to 1 hr. but can be up to two hrs. no covers.