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Band R&B Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Why Should You See Roabie on Stage"

Roabie’s reason for music as a career. Stop by sometime his website, you’ll feel entertained the moment you hit, Roabie Zacque. For some of you who don’t know roabie, Quote by roabie “I’m all about real, I do not make myself anything that I’m not. I don’t react unless i’m threatened. People like to do good for people. My music, My Poems, My writtens , all my work come from the bottom of my heart and I believe that I as a singer and a receiver I’d like to help the poor not just so I could feel good but because I know and understand what it is to be poor” I believe that This page will make you understand why Roabie Quoted that. Just stay update, visit when you can, and if it is to be entertained, you will surely be entertained. - D Roabie Zacque Press


D Roabie Zacque - Shawty (Shirley My Heart)
D Roabie Zacque - Things Change
D Roabie Zacque - I wanna Say
D Roabie Zacque - Wisdom (We need Wisdom)
D Roabie Zacque - Together
D Roabie Zacque - They Need Change (Things Changed)
D Roabie Zacque - Immortality [Upcoming mix-tape]



While some might call me Zacharia, I on the other hand would like to call me Roabie. I was never a musician, I never imagined myself sing, only I was already a poet. I started poetry long before I knew English, I became a poet in my mind and later I became a soon to be an actor. I'd like to be an actor; also something I've always wanted as a fulfillment of my journey in life. I'd like to make music, write my own songs. Music has become my life and entertainatory has become my goal.

I was Born last in three children, I as the fourth child. I grow up in a world of doom, people didn't have machines to do all sorts of things for them. I was never educated for me to know how to write, but no day went by that I didn't imagine me being The A Poet that I've always wanted to be. I have come so far, beyond my childhood, I have done so much as a younger me, and as an older me, I have learned how to write and so I believe that life shall guide me to a greater place.

The Journey will be long, Mountains shall be steep, slippery shall be the main fear, but I shall climb hard and hand over hand till I reach the last stop on the rocky mountain.