Rick Droit

Rick Droit


Rick Summer Droit and his Kalediscope of Original Songs have toured the country, climbed the acoustic radio charts, and turned the heads of people from Timothy Leary to Joan Baez


Rick Summer Droit is a Texas based songwriter & guitarist, however he has lived in diverse places across the country including the foothills of Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Cocoa Beach ("to watch the Space Shuttle take off" he says).

"Summer" as he is known by many of his loyal fans, currently spends a large amount of time on the road bringing his fun-loving live performances to small towns and big cities alike, all the while selling his self-produced CD's to his growing audiences.

Droit's songwriting has turned out a string of favorites among festival goers and fans alike, such as the western sing-a-long "Sidewinder", the beautiful ballad "The Love That You Send", the bluesy feel of "Railroad 3" or the topically humorous "Star Spangled Banter".

Rick Droit is a member of BMI, Nashville.

While this songwriter has a magic all his own, it's easy to see (or hear) why people are calling him a fresh artist with an "old soul".

Droit writes about hitch-hikers and street children, blue collar workers and the girl next door, his subjects delve into freedom & justice, joy & love, and the challenges of living in these modern times.

Rick Summer Droit has performed on Television and Radio and is currently in negotiations with the motion picture industry for his songs to be used in an upcoming film.

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Sunset Red

Written By: Rick Droit © 1998

I didn't till my ground
and my harvest was bare
I barely survived the winter
to plant again this year

and though I'm not a farmer
I sew these seeds in strife
and watch them be devoured
by the predators of life

Though I'm not a farmer
I strew these seeds in hope
and if you feel your foothold slipping
I offer you my hand

Sunset Red

I never seek contentment
until later in the year
I didn't know the sickness
that had claimed my sense of fear

Now I pull the weeds
as they rear their ugly heads
and I'm witness to the sunset
in her many shades,
her many shades of red

Sunset Red
Yeah Yeah, Yeah -eah
Sunset Red
Yeah Yeah, Yeah-eah

Teal to Baby Blue

Written By: Rick Droit - copyright 1996

All differences aside my friend
it's down to you and I
and there's nowhere I'd rather be
than right here by your side

I ask that you will let me know
the things you feel inside
yes my friend I love you
and that I'd never hide


You're my soulmate my confidant
my sunshine and my rain
you're my angel
my only link to what is sane

You're always there for me
and I'm always here for you
our eyes meet and magic flows
from teal to baby blue

All differences aside my friend
I like the union here
travelling side by side
being one anothers mirror

Repeat second verse and chorus 2 X


1994 - The Burning ( EP - out of print )
1995 - Live at Cousin Andy's ( CD - out of print )
1997 - Gypsy Love (Independent Records - CD)
2000 - Laughing Like A Banshee (Pocketmouse - CD )
2004 - Raised on Freedom (Pocketmouse - CD)

Set List

Droit has a catalog of over 250 original songs, below is a sampling of one of his sets.

Rick Summer's Original set

1.) The Kerrville Curmudgeon
2.) The Underdog
3.) Sacrifical Ice Cube
4.) Sleepy Hollow
5.) Love on the Coffeehouse Floor
6.) Gypsy Love
7.) Black Asaphalt Highway
8.) What If Dogs Could Drive A Car?
9.) Raised on Freedom
10.) Heart Upon a Penny
11.) Teal to Baby Blue
12.) Hawk & Dove
13.) Patchwork Heart
14.) The 420 Ranch
15.) Sidewinder
16.) Horse Sense

Summer rarely plays cover songs these days
but on occasion, during the final set he'll slip in a favorite for fun.
Here's a few he occasionally performs

1.) 1952 Vincent Black Lightening (Richard Thompson)
2.) Deadwood South Dakota ( Eric Taylor )
3.) Angel From Montgomery (John Prine)
4.) Trouble in the Feilds (Nanci Griffith)
5.) Leavin' On a Jet Plane (John Denver)
6.) Grandpa Was A Carpenter (John Prine)
7.) The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel)
8.) Tangled Up in Blue (Bob Dylan)
9.) Cap