New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

D-ROKA is the one-man electromusical dervish who mashes his all-original funky beats from the future with psychedelic guitar virtuosity spawning instantaneous dance parties wherever he materializes. Completely groundbreaking and unique, D utilizes the technology of Ableton and Reason, mixing in classic jazzy Motown and rock guitar riffs, and twisting it all together in a way that sounds like your new favorite DJ.


D-ROKA is a one-man sound system who plays live funky electronic booty-shaking music with a New Orleans jazzy twist. He uses a laptop, synthesizers, drum machines, guitars with loops, percussion and vocals. His sets sound like a continuous DJ set of house, hip-hop, dancehall reggae, funk, and rare groove, though every track is a D-ROKA original.

D-ROKA is Dennis Hartman, an electronic beat-maker, party-rocker and guitar shredder who's been on the music scene since 1994, playing rock shows and parties in high school. His greatest contribution to music so far has been in opening Shiloh, the legendary music lounge in uptown New Orleans from 2003-2008. Shiloh was a notorious battleground for NOLA's very best DJ's, funk, brass and reggae bands, and the city's wildest night creatures. During this time, D-ROKA founded Crazyface, an electronic sound system collaboration that rocked shows from The House of Blues' Parish to the venerable Tipitinas music hall in New Orleans. Other members of Crazyface continue to rip it up from coast to coast. Currently, D-ROKA splits his time between his beloved New Orleans and his hometown in Illinois, investing all his love and energy into his music. What's he sound like? Late night rawkus N'awlins street party with thumpin' bass, funky guitar, and everyone's there....Influences include Mark Farina, James Brown, Carl Cox, dancehall reggae, Hendrix, DJ Dan, Rebirth, Meters, Herbie Hancock, Erick Sermon, Buju Banton, LOVE.....


Initial Descent
Above and Beyond
Bourbon Street Hustler