Drone Machine

Drone Machine


With a style ranging from Atmospheric to Hard Breaks, Drone Machine is a fitting image of the Olympia Washington town he hails from. Frequenting the local scene in Olympia, Drone Machine has made appearances on Free Radio Olympia and KAOS evergreen, both independent radio stations.


Drone Machine aka Kenneth Kohn is a Electronic producer hailing from Olympia Washington. Already having various single hits, collaborations with numerous other artists and talented musicians have brought the spotlight his way.

For some time Kohn was known as DJ Zi in his local town and was the go to DJ in the area for anybody looking for an Electronic scene. Along with spinning on the local scene, DJ Zi had started an Online following with some of his early Dance productions.

As time went on, music styles had shifted. With influences from artists such as Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, and Squarepusher to name a few, Kohn had reemerged as Drone Machine in 2005. Following the success of his influences, Kohn started breaking the mold on the dance music styles he had grown accustomed to by incorporating Eastern European rhythms with the New sounds derived from circuit bent instruments.

Growing into something of his own, Drone Machine has meticulously reached into the depths of his musical psyche pulling out the original sounds he has released.


2009 - Digital disDrobution

2008 - Dwitb

2007 - Good Daze
2007 - Antares
2007 - Aldebaran

2006 - idmism

2005 - 117

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