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Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo EDM Synth





In trying to recall the past 12 months of gigs in Taiwan I’m left feeling dazed and confused. The most significant event was the closing of Underworld. After that, it all feels blurry.

I know there were shows I wanted to see, like A Place To Bury Strangers, but I was in the USA. I can’t complain as it allowed me the honor of seeing Black Sabbath perform.

So I furrowed my brow, and with supreme focus, remembered that yeah, this year Melt Banana, Ken South Rock, and Nouvelle Vague returned. Cradle of Filth got all up in my face. These were good things.

For local bands, I enjoyed the emergence of Duda Deportiva and Midnight Ping Pong. I have fond memories of several Dronetonics and BHD gigs. But my favorite local band performances were those of Hang in the Air, particularly their set at the GigGuide.tw benefit at Revolver. I know that may come off as self-serving, but they delivered a transcendent performance. What can I do but acknowledge it for what it was: great.

What also elevated that night was the tremendous support of the community. It was a remarkable turnout, and has helped us here at the GigGuide.tw office to feel encouraged with our efforts to continue. Thank you everyone. - gigguide.tw


Dronetonics Six Months (EP) released April 13, 2013
Dronetonics Sentiments (LP) release date: June 1st, 2014



Dronetonics is a two-piece live electronic, synth-based/vocal project composed of Lars Berry and Crystal Shien. Songs are composed and lyrics written collaboratively. Songs occasionally include live instrumentation, mainly percussion, and on more recent works, vocal harmonies are achieved. Dronetonics formed in late 2011, with Berry playing several solo shows in early 2012 before being joined by Shien in June 2012. Dronetonics are often characterized as having most distinctly a minimal synth sound, but song styles vary widely into the new wave, doom wave and synth pop genres. Dronetonics self-released its debut EP, titled Six Months, in early May 2013. Dronetonics is based in Taipei, Taiwan. 

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