Portland, Oregon, USA

Dropa, based out of Portland Oregon delivers an eclectic mix of indietronic, shoegaze, and synthpop. with hypnotic beats, souring textures, synths and hooking melodies that make you think. Dropa takes the listener to a different level musically, spiritually, and personally. The future of music.


Dropa (also Dropas, Drok-pa or Dzopa, Chinese) is the name given to what are said by some to be a race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials that landed near the China-Tibet border approximately twelve thousand years ago.

In 2007 Micah Tamblyn decided to use the name “Dropa” for his first solo indietronic, electro synth pop venture. “For the past 10 years I’ve been fascinated by all the conspiracies and manipulation of history and press.” says Micah. “The Idea of using the name Dropa is to have people question what they know and what they think is true”.

Dropa is the electro-pop brainchild of Portland Oregon musician, Micah Tamblyn. Dropa’s style would best be described as a mix of indietronic and darkwave and is
rooted in experimental soundscapes and shoegaze.

Dropa’s first release in 2009, “A Well Orchestrated Plan”, employs a thick array of layered synths and textured beats.

Tracks from “A Well Orchestrated Plan” and "Glass House" were well received by Portland radio stations KINK, KNRK, KZME and KOPB and added to rotation for local programming.

Dropa, has just finished recording their second full length “Glass House” and is planning to release the highly anticipated follow up in early 2012.

With “Glass House”, Dropa has developed their sound into a more focused effort with emphasis on song craft, melodic hooks, and pop sensibilities.

Meticulously creating eclectic arrangements and melding a retro vibe with modern influences, artists such as David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and M83 are often cited in comparison.

For “Glass House” Micah brought in the talents of drummer/ percussionist, Matthew Higgins, who is experienced in many styles to include rock, jazz, and electronica. The duo is joined by Keith Watson on bass and keyboards for live performances to expand the sonic, ethereal experience to the stage.

Dropa has earned a devoted following due to their well produced and energetic live shows hosted in several of Portland’s notable venues such as, The Doug Fir, The Crystal Ballroom, Someday Lounge, and The Alberta Rose Theater.


A well orchestrated plan 2009
crazy makes us all (single)
Glass House 2012