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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Alternative EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dropa, the music is out of this world."

"If Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode had a son together, surely this guys will be their babies. Obviously that as he grows up, he will be getting other influences we can appreciate and recall such as Sigur Ros, Manitoba, Stereo Labs, Interpol and many other great acts that defines their uncommon genre. Glass House is a great example of all the stated above. And just like they call themselves, Dropa, the music is out of this world. Energetic but calm, brutal and soft at the same time, simply amazing. It’s like when you push the play button, the haunting, techno sound gets into your brain and without you know it, manipulate it and even against your will, makes you wanna hear more and fall in love. “The Special” and “Release” to name just two, captures perfectly the before mentioned essence. Both get you dancing, headbanging, singing along and causing your neighbors call the police, which lucky yourself they will not be able to arrest you as immediately the music gets inside their head" - Vent Magazine


"[OUTSIDER ELECTRO-POP] Portland has a thriving electronic music scene, but neither of tonight\'s headlining acts—the Sexbots and Dropa, both of whom release albums tonight—are names one hears on the shortlist of go-to electronic dance acts. Maybe that\'s because the Sexbots and Dropa play with pop structures and outsider lyrical themes. Dropa\'s Micah Tamblyn and Matthew Higgins write similarly pronounced—but altogether more psychedelic—dance tracks about contemporary society on Glass House, and the duo\'s worldview reminds of guys like Trent Reznor and Thom Yorke. What unites the two groups is that they\'re keeping it real—and real direct—rather than keeping it weird. That commitment to clarity may actually be holding them back a bit, but those who like hearing the words while they dance will appreciate the groups\' efforts." - Willamete Weekly

"Glass House is a big, broad, stadium-sized record"

"Micah Tamblyn is the main man behind Dropa, which releases its second album, Glass House, tonight. An impressive self-recorded and released effort, Glass House is a big, broad, stadium-sized record colored with dark synths, moody melodies, and gigantic drums from Matthew Higgins. There's a blackly glammy sound running through Dropa's electrorock, which finds direct inspiration in the early '80s English sounds of Factory Records, Depeche Mode, and Soft Cell—although warmer moments abound on Glass House as well, as on the acoustic strums that bed "Release" and the layered backing vocals on the dreamily stargazing "Feeling Hope." Still, Dropa are capable of achieving a massive scope with their music, and allowing the melodies to shine through all the flashy production trappings—plus, if you've been jonesing for some gated reverb, now you know where to turn." - The Portland Mercury

"In his room"

The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson famously escaped to his room — in song as well as in life – to insulate himself from what was outside. Some musicians, however, choose to barricade themselves temporarily because they’re gearing up to battle corporate control of the masses. Portland’s Micah Tamblyn has done just this through his electronica project Dropa.

On his the-future-is-now-and-we’re-screwed CD “A Well Orchestrated Plan,” Tamblyn aims squarely at the New World Order, using his laptop-driven topical style to figure out why we’re all being manipulated into the apocalypse. You know, the typical pop writer’s preoccupations. Live, he plays it all on a keytar (a lightweight keyboard strapped around a performer’s shoulders) and has a band to boot, so you can get download, so to speak. - Portland Tribune

"Dropa: Feeling Hope"

If you’ve ever wanted to see members of ‘N Sync get beaten up, Portland’s indie-tronic band Dropa has taken care of that. In Micah Tamblyn, Matthew Higgins and Keith Watson’s Jon Garcia-directed music video for breezy tune “Feeling Hope,” the popsters (in puppet form, of course) start out their day on the beach with their princess (who looks nothing like Britney Spears, by the way). However, a few pirates decide to crash the party and steals the lady. With a damsel in distress, this yields a fury of revenge that entails dance offs, an erotic training montage and ultimately, a bloodbath finale. Who knew puppets (pirates or boy bands) could be such cold-blooded killers? - Buzzbands


A well orchestrated plan 2009
crazy makes us all (single)
Glass House 2012



Dropa (also Dropas, Drok-pa or Dzopa, Chinese) is the name given to what are said by some to be a race of dwarf-like extraterrestrials that landed near the China-Tibet border approximately twelve thousand years ago.

In 2007 Micah Tamblyn decided to use the name “Dropa” for his first solo indietronic, electro synth pop venture. “For the past 10 years I’ve been fascinated by all the conspiracies and manipulation of history and press.” says Micah. “The Idea of using the name Dropa is to have people question what they know and what they think is true”.

Dropa is the electro-pop brainchild of Portland Oregon musician, Micah Tamblyn. Dropa’s style would best be described as a mix of indietronic and darkwave and is
rooted in experimental soundscapes and shoegaze.

Dropa’s first release in 2009, “A Well Orchestrated Plan”, employs a thick array of layered synths and textured beats.

Tracks from “A Well Orchestrated Plan” and "Glass House" were well received by Portland radio stations KINK, KNRK, KZME and KOPB and added to rotation for local programming.

Dropa, has just finished recording their second full length “Glass House” and is planning to release the highly anticipated follow up in early 2012.

With “Glass House”, Dropa has developed their sound into a more focused effort with emphasis on song craft, melodic hooks, and pop sensibilities.

Meticulously creating eclectic arrangements and melding a retro vibe with modern influences, artists such as David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, and M83 are often cited in comparison.

For “Glass House” Micah brought in the talents of drummer/ percussionist, Matthew Higgins, who is experienced in many styles to include rock, jazz, and electronica. The duo is joined by Keith Watson on bass and keyboards for live performances to expand the sonic, ethereal experience to the stage.

Dropa has earned a devoted following due to their well produced and energetic live shows hosted in several of Portland’s notable venues such as, The Doug Fir, The Crystal Ballroom, Someday Lounge, and The Alberta Rose Theater.