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Drop Clutch


Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Self-titled Debut released 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


In August of 2004, Drop Clutch was created when Shawn Clutch & Brandon "IZM" Schuldt invited musically talented brothers Josh "Belial" VanDusen and Bill "Burn" VanDusen to join their band (then called) ALIVE. After sharing the stage with the national act BREAKING BENJAMIN under the name ALIVE, they were immediately approached by many labels and promoters. ALIVE signed a one album deal with an independent record label and changed their name to DropClutch and began work on their self-titled debut album, DropClutch.
This was not as easy as DC expected. DC found out that the label had a different "vision" for the band that none of them wanted to pursue. This created a very difficult and negative work environment and tension began to rise between the bandmates. At the same time, many promoters and managers constantly approached DC about promoting them, and taking them to the next level. None of them actually delivered, DC was victim of unprofessional people and DC began to lose hope. All the undelivered promises from the labels, promoters, and managers did not phase DC. They knew that the music they created was great and they were determined to make it in the industry. DC's attitude shifted to an independent, Do-It-Yourself attitude. They began taking control of their band and running it they way THEY wanted. They were booking their own tours, getting their own sponsors and endorsers, and building their own network of relationships. "If DropClutch is going to fail, I want to fail on our own doing, not by the doing of someone else" says Shawn Clutch, DropClutch frontman.

Since then, DC has amazing success and has been touring all over the Northeast creating massive amounts of hype for the album. DC has developed a loyal fan base that continues to grow everyday. DC gets on average about 250 hits on their website and about 50 friend or fan requests a day on myspace.com. Every night more and more people sing and shout words to DC's heavily played radio hits "Pressure" and "Chemical". Their first single, Pressure was one of the top requested songs on many radio stations in the NY and PA areas before the album was even released! "It was amazing to know that we were the ..2 requested band in the Elmira, NY region. Our album was not released at the time and people were already digging the music" claims DC frontman Shawn Clutch (Linkin Park was ..1 and Mudvayne was ..3).

DC's live performance leaves fans begging venues for more DC shows! DC defines stage energy and presence every performance and lets it all out on stage. Schultz's insane and flashy drumming techniques along with the VanDusen's amazing playing and energetic performance makes stages come apart! Shawn Clutch's ability to seize the audience's attention and fire up a crowd differentiates DC from any other band around. "We love our fans more than anything...", DC's front man Shawn Clutch explains, "...Every thing we do is dedicated to our fans, without them we are nothing!!!".