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Drop Dead Syndicate

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review of latest LP "Rock Bottom""

Drop Dead Syndicate again proves itself a strong player in the underground metal scene. Having garnered a strong fan base, always pulling loyal listeners when the group performs live, DDS takes a step up with "Rock Bottom", improving on their already intimidating sound displayed on the band's debut demo "Let's Roll." Still heavy as fuck, but expanding its artistic horizons, DDS has embraced deeper levels of songwriting and strong melodies to accompany the expected aggression. Beautiful melodic modern metal can easily give way to blazing rage; the band members display the dynamism of their musical chops not only from song to song but sometimes within a single track. Tunes range from thoughtful and introverted to out-and-out fuck-you cock rock, such as the audience fave, "Shut the Fuck Up" (which appears here in the regular version plus a PG-13 version, ha!). Bass chugging and percussion grooves mingle with potent dual guitar riffage, all of this thrashing along while two sets of vocals share vox duties ranging from melodic to grinding, even boasting virtuoso speed-rap-metal flourishes. A solid, solid band that never fails to find fans.

review written by: Upchuck Undergrind

written by kris upjohn

- kris upjohn www.fishcomcollective.com


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Since attacking the music scene in 1999, Drop Dead Syndicate has gained respect from both local and nationwide. A combination of riff-heavy, original metal and a kinetic live show (with plenty of room for audience participation) has earned the band a die-hard cult following and an audience nearly as rambunctious as the band members on stage. With rolling drums, thick, crunchy guitar and pulsing bass rhythms, the band has earned much respect from metal fans. Not content with the standard drum, bass, guitar, vocalist line-up, Drop Dead Syndicate adds layers and dynamics to their sound with a dual vocal and guitar attack. Energetic drumming and feisty bass lines propel the churning metal sound, guitar riffage with some thrash-inspired grooves step on the mosh petal, and a broad vocal range, including deep throaty grinding, melodic but potent singing and speed freak word slinging keep Drop Dead Syndicate`s sound electrified and spirited. Heavy as hell but also accessible, Drop Dead Syndicate shows a diverse range of influences. These influences and others are fused together in a sound that acknowledges its metal heritage but maintains a respectable level of originality in sound. The front men/guitarists share their duties with each man`s unique style while the whirling dervish drummer and four-string thumping bassist solidify Drop Dead Syndicate`s sound. Drop Dead Syndicate performs metal for the fans and simply strives to be the best band that they can be while providing music that loves the genre`s roots but reaches for its own unique personality.