DROPJOY is a 3 piece, all original rock band. The music sounds like a marriage between Concrete Blonde and KOL.


Dropjoy music captivates audiences from the first high energy rock-n-roll blast to the last dying strums touching lonely hearts. Dropjoy began in 2004 when the long time duo of singer/songwriter/guitarist Nicki Walker and drummer Andy Light teamed up with bass player Etienne de Bruin in San Diego, CA. Dropjoy rocks from the buzz of San Diego's downtown Gaslamp quarter and the sunny festivals of Southern California, to the hip clubs of Hollywood & Los Angeles.
Through a combination of thought provoking lyrics, whiskey soft vocals and driving guitar leads, Nicki is a force to be reckoned with onstage. According to CityBeat Magazine, she �sounds like Tracey Chapman channeling Hendrix.� Born with congenial heart disease and heart transplant recipient in 2003, Andy Light died this year of heart complications. We are currently performing with his predecessor Rhythm Turner. Originally from South Africa, Etienne provides that melodic bottom end to the soothing tones of the hottest 3 piece original rock band around.
Dropjoy�s first album "Situational Ethics" and the new DROPJOY EP is out as well. The "Hungry EP" is forthcoming with the next 2 months. Find out more at www.reverbnation.com/dropjoy



Written By: Nicole Walker

Everytime i think my heart's on the line, you come around with a promise
Said everytime i think my heart's on the line, you come around, you come around
Romeo, don't you know you're bleeding, bleeding (4x)
everytime i think my heart's on my sleeve, you pull my string and i'm falling
Everytime i think i've got it made
i fall into you (2x)
Cuz everytime i think, i swallow hard and blink, that all i want is you

Sugar Rush

Written By: Nicki Walker

I isolate my thoughts, just like a bullet to the brain
In the mirror tripping over yesterday
When can i see you, my memory is vague
When can i see you, i say,say,say
Sugar Rush
when you let me stay
sugar rush
when you let me play
all night in your garden, i'm in your attic by the day and i need my
sugar rush


Written By: Nicki Walker

I'm watching your suit fray, it's unraveling just like you
I'm watching your chemistry, it's oozing from the room
whoever you think you are you're wrong, cuz i'm the one that made you
the candle is so far from the face you hold to and i'm the one that hated you

I'm watching your suitcase, it's consorting with your mind
I'm watching your handshake cuz you lie to me all the time
whoever you think you are you're wrong cuz i'm the one who made you
the candle is so far from the face you hold it to and i'm the one that hates you

I put my diamonds, before swine
over and over and all the time
I put my diamoonds before swine
I put my diamonds before swine

i'm the one that hates you[4X]


Dropjoy:5 song ep, limited release
Situational Ethics; full length record
SBS Records Independent Music CD Sampler Volume 10.
Sighcotic Music Presents: The sanity compilation Compilation Volume One
LA Independant Artists of the Month September 2005 compilation cd
Nicki, Her Sins 2003

Set List

Typical Set List. Mona Bonafide,18,Four fairies,Drive,Appetite for Gold Shrink to Fit. 4 Fairies. Paper Ring. Diamonds. My Father's Shoes. Never give up, coney island girl 50ft jesus and much more

Sets usually 30min - 45 min, can play 3 hrs.
All originial songs. no covers