San Diego, California, USA

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Written By: nicki walker


I started going bald at 15, stress just made a mess of me

I was holding on til 16, then I lost my everything

I started biting nails at 17, could hardly wait until my birthday

swear I'm leaving home when I'm 18

nothing else can keep me here

prechorus: movement and light, movement and time

they put it in the water any all the food

nothing quells my fear of falling

I looked you in the eye and I lied to you

and that's when i lost everything

chorus: movement and light, movement and time and we are so beautiful

stared talking pills to please you, i lined them up like little soldiers

march into my belly with no regret, they help me keep my everything

i found a message in a bottle address to me, written down in my shorthand

i got a.d.d. but they said it's cool, until you lose your everything