Dropping Daylight

Dropping Daylight


How exactly can a piano peacefully coexist with hard-nosed rock? Just one listen to Dropping Daylight’s Brace Yourself, and the answer will be crystal clear. - absolutepunk.net



1. Yes they're based out of Minneapolis, MN...no they do not know Prince...and yes....its very very cold.

2. Yes its a piano-based hard rock band...Sebastian was classically trained since he was 5...and no he will not play your Hammond B3 Organ...he thinks they suck.

3. Seth, their guitarist, is an adult now. He's been touring with the band since he was 15...but he recently turned 18 and the "little kid" jokes are going to have to stop. He has also grown out of his crush on Hilary Duff.

4. Yes they draw from piano singer-songwriter influences like Ben Folds, Fiona Apple and Billy Joel...but they also take inspiration from their childhood rock heroes from Weezer, Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Smashing Pumpkins.

5. Half the band are vegetarians...the other half enjoy mutilating animals for their own consumption...both halves feel very strongly about their views on the culinary arts...although the veggie half are pussies.

6. Dropping Daylight feels like name-dropping is a sign of immaturity and weakness.

7. Dropping Daylight have toured recently and are really good friends with Simple Plan, Motion City Soundtrack, Jason Mraz, Plain White Ts, Taylor Hawkins, Mae.....and they even saw Dave Grohl once.

8. They played with Papa Roach and Jason Mraz a couple days apart and emerged from the week confused about their place in this world.

9. Rob (Bass) and Allen (Drums) both enjoy their beards. Rob feels like its the source of his mojo and charm. Allen just likes beards.

10. Their debut record "Brace Yourself" sums up about 6 months of their life experience...and about 2 months worth of drinking wine, eating bagels, and recording in New Jersey...(which is nothing like Minnesota).

11. Dropping Daylight has been in a couple accidents with their van and trailer...nothing bad enough to worry about...but bad enough that they can't pick up girls in their dented-ass transport.

12. Dropping Daylight is a band. A rock band. A Piano-rock band. A songwriter's band. A great live band. A very energetic band. Dropping Daylight is a very energetic-great-live-piano-rock-band for people who love great songs. But mostly...they're guys...from Minneapolis...in a band...called Dropping Daylight.

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LP - Brace Yourself - Octone Records - Released June 06

EP - Take a Photograph - Octone Records - Release June 05

Set List

30-45 Minute Set List:
War Song
Tell Me
Brace Yourself
Waiting Through the Afternoon
Take a Photograph
Till You Feel Something