Dropping Out

Dropping Out


Dropping Out is an energetic garage-infused, post punk group with catchy simple songs and ferocious vocals. The songs are fast and short with full drums, punchy bass and sporadic, grinding guitars. The band's based around positivity and finding inspiration in nature, simplicity, and creativity.


Dropping Out was formed in Edmonton, in the fall of 2007 by Ontario transplants, brothers Mike and Phil Deane, who were practicing with a drum machine in Phil's basement while Phil learned to play bass. Phil's roommate, Anders Halberg, played drums, and quickly joined. The band has played around Edmonton, from bars to community centres to concert halls, and have an independently recorded demo, that was recorded by their friend Sean Nicholas Savage, in the same basement where they formed.


Group Rhythm

Written By: Dropping Out

Let's take it from the top,
we'll start all over,
from the bottom up,
we'll start all over again,
we'll take it from the top,
we'll build it back up now,
let's rip it up,
and start again

What we made,
Well it failed

Let's celebrate all of those,
with eyes still high but heads down low,
whose lives are outwardly filled with woe, wowowowowooo
those who actively celebrate,
all that's been taken away,
singing still, but voices strained,
group rhythm
ten as one

stir up that dirt and dust
on the grind like never rust
give it all, but don't give it up
singing loud like never hushed

love land and sky and all one should,
don't block; take in what does no good,
raise it up to what once stood,
broken voice and broken back,
but the will is still intact,
bringing back what these days lack,

big up what you know,
spread it on those who don't
use it to big up those
who got stuck down below


Dropping Out EP