.drop six.

.drop six.


A versatile yet uncompromising force on the heavy music front. Explosive live performance and a truly original, powerful sound to back it up. Pure energy from six talented musicians allowing every inspiration and every aggression flow from within them on stage, right in front of you.


Always striving to top themselves, DROP SIX has just finished their latest album, New Blood Evolution at Robert Lang Studios with the help of Toby Wright. The album is set for release this summer, radio stations have already started spinning some of the new tracks and their fan base continues to grow like wildfire.

Truly original sound and powerful stage presence, a versatile yet uncompromising force on the heavy music front... DROP SIX is the premier hard rock band in the Pacific Northwest. Projecting extraordinary amounts of energy through hard-hitting dynamics that stress the music's uninhibited extremes, the band's live performance is absolutely explosive. As they turn clubs all over the West Coast into frenzied, sweat-drenched swarms of sonic-driven fury and induce crowds of thousands to rock out until they're nearly passed out, DROP SIX consistently receives unbelievable crowd response. The intense exchange between the stage and the audience keeps both the band and the fans wanting more. It is this consistency that has pushed DROP SIX to the top of their game and afforded them the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Static X, Crossfade, Powerman 5000 and many others.
The fact that DROP SIX is continually sought after by promoters, rock clubs, festival organizers and radio stations on account of their incredible live show and impressive drawing power not only proves their universal appeal, but also that they are one of the hardest working independent bands around, both on stage and off. The list of labels who have requested promotional materials from the band includes Universal, Geffen, Interscope, Roadrunner, Eclipse and Hollywood Records among others. Andrew Goodfriend also expressed interest in the band while he was with The Agency Group, after hearing so much about them from Mudvayne's singer Chad Gray who was introduced to DROP SIX when they opened for Mudvayne at their sold out Moore Theater show in Seattle. It's hard not to be impressed when a crowd of nearly 3,000 is chanting the name of a local, unsigned, opening band at a sold out Mudvayne show before they have even taken the stage.

Their debut album "last one to drown..." was recorded with Geoff Ott at London Bridge Studio and has now sold every copy pressed. The demand for more from DROP SIX has remained high, so to help pacify their fans as they worked on their follow up album, they recorded a 5 song EP which also recieved quite a bit of airplay on 99.9 FM KISW - the Rock of Seattle, as well as several other radio stations and cable/satellite music services across the nation. The Music Choice Rock Station has had the band listed at least twice in its weekly top ten and DROP SIX continues to receive airplay all over the US as well as foreign countries as far away as Guam and Trinidad.

DROP SIX is indeed doing something right, and doing it all independently.


Last One To Drown... - (debut album, SOLD OUT!)
5 song EP - (no longer available)
New Blood Evolution - (mixed by Toby Wright, available soon)

Set List

A typical set for us consists of one 45 to 60 minute list of original material depending on the amount of time that we're alotted to play. We usually do 9 or 10 songs in a 45 minute set which would likely include some of the following selections.

Apple Tree
It's Volitile
Here You Are
I'm Not Listening
On My Hands
Blue And Bruised
Light It Up
You Win