Drop Theory

Drop Theory


Drop Theory hails from the industrial dilapidated city of Youngstown, Ohio. Within view of the abandoned factories, Drop Theory rises from the ashes with crushing resolve. Drop Theory's raging riffs, driving rhythm and pounding beats will take you on an impassioned journey with undaunted style.


Drop Theory’s name derives from the music itself. The music is played in Drop 'A' tuning for a darker, fuller sound and distills elements of music theory. Drop Theory set out to make groove heavy music that focuses on a driving rhythm that will move you. The music is dark, heavy and sinister at times but not metal. Music is an art and Drop Theory paints from many genres to create a take no prisoners sound as their perfect canvas.


We have a song called Troth that gets played on local radio. We have many recordings and hope to have a demo cd released soon.

Set List

We only do original music but may learn a few covers for fun and do them in our own style. We have about 50 minutes of material but that grows each week.