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Drop To Zero


Drop to Zero hails from the small town of Kent, Ohio, but when it comes to music there is nothing small about this band. "we aren't holding anything back on this new record, and after hearing the songs we've written so far, I've never been so proud to be apart of something in my entire life."


Drop to Zero is a band that straddles the line between Rock and Metal. While some of their songs lean to one side or the other, all of their songs contain elements of both genres of music. They draw inspiration from many bands, from Deftones, Glassjaw, to A Perfect Circle, Incubus. The band is constantly revamping their sound to try to incorporate more influences and styles. Although the band does not have a specific sound that they try to emulate, they came together to write about a common idea: the pain and emotion of life situations.

Drop to Zero broke onto the local stage on September 23 2004, a month and a half after they were formed. Drop to Zero then got a chance to play a bigger venue when they were able to open for the band Mushroomhead at Peabody’s in Cleveland in March of 2005. Since then Drop to Zero has lit up the local music scene at venues all over Northeastern Ohio, returning to Peabody’s for the Cleveland Music Festival in 2006 and opened the for Vast at the Agora. The band has also had an opportunity to play at the High Five and the Basement in Columbus, and a venue in Taunton, Massachusetts. They band also strongly believes in playing for others. They have organized and performed at two charity shows: A Song for Carlie in Fall 2005 and Novembeard for the Cure in Fall of 2006. They also performed at Overload, a charity show put on by WSTB, in December of 2007.

The band has also been exposed to Northeast Ohio through written word. The band has been featured in publications including the Record Courier, the Kent Stater
The Gateway News, The Hudson Hub, The Scene, and The Star Beacon. Many of the articles where covering shows that the had played or would be playing.

This sound has earned the band air time on several radio stations with multiple songs. They can be heard at any time on local Streetsboro station WSTB 88.9 the Alternation. On this particular station, they have four songs in rotation: Morning, Silver Streets, Empty, and This Addiction. They can also be heard on the local program on Cleveland station K-Rock 92.3. Drop to Zero has two songs in rotation on this particular station: Choke and This Addiction. Finally their song Choke can be heard Akron University’s student-run radio station 88.1 on the station’s night rock program.

Their first album “Silence of All” came out in November of 2006 and has sold over 300 copies. This album displays some classic rock feel with guitar riffs from Brendan Davis and Scott Lambert, the bass lines of Derrick Yopp and the melodic voice of lead singer Conor Sessions. The album also contains some elements of metal music such as the steady double bass runs of drummer Derek Desko and the mind piercing scream of Sessions. All of this is cast in the shadow of honest lyrics that are hard to ignore. The band sees writing music as an outlet for themselves and a way to reach out to others and connect with them. Guitarist Brendan Davis describes music as, “a way to make others identify with you. People want to feel like they are not alone.”

The music means something not only to every member of the band but also to the fans. The band wants the fans to be able to identify with the band and not feel so alone.
The band takes this idea and relays it in their live shows. They want to be able to convey what excites them about writing and performing the music. The band aims to write good music that people can relate to. Play that music in as many places as we can, eventually make a living off it.


This Addiction

Written By: Conor Sessions

Finding you, binding for you, minding my ways, For this cause,
Trying now, thriving somehow, driving our path, For these laws,
Falling down, Calling out now, Brawling inside, For this life,
Fearing time, Clearing my life, Searing these thoughts, For the right,

Seeing you, Feeding with you, Heeding warnings, For this cause,
Trying you, Lying to you, Dying here, For these laws,
Losing all, Choosing to fall, Bruising my mind, For this gun,
Making rife, Taking my life, Breaking my back, With this brick,

And when the wheels fall off, I’ll crash and burn with you,

The engine plows forth with no end,
A fire that makes the light bend,

And when the wheels fall off, I’ll crash and burn with you,
And when the sky falls down, I’ll catch the stars with you,
The sun burns my eyes, My eyes

Silver Steets

Written By: Conor Sessions

How do I fill the space inside when I feel so lost and just can’t confide,

I can’t see the end, Or a way to carry on,
Knowing we are all just pawns in this sick chance game roulette,
I can’t see the truth, But I’ll carry on some way,
I’ll show you again someday, When we walk through silver streets again,

You departed Monday night, Tuesday was surreal,
Shattering invincibility,
Laid you down to make it right, Felt an empty feel,
We pretend to move on for the best,

Every day becomes a fight, Feeling so alone,
Calling back to shining memories,
Black sky filled with stars so bright, I feel you smile at me,
I know emptiness will fill again,

How do I fill this space? Why do I feel this way?

I can’t see the end, But I feel it in my veins,
You’re surrounding us someway, Keeping fath we’ll move along,
I can’t see the truth, Through the seas of empty pain,
You’re surrounding us someway, Through these silver streets we’re hand in hand


2006 - Silence Of All

Set List

6-10 songs per set. about 45 mins.
Songs are varied by what audience we are playing for, and what mood the club is.
We like to start off our set with a lot of energy and get them excited right from the begining.