Dr. Otter

Dr. Otter


We are an instrumental four piece based out of Muncie, IN. Our music incorporates melodic phrasing over a heavy, rhythmic foundation.


We are a Muncie based band that has been playing together for about four years. Our music is instrumental, heavy, progressive rock. The influence of bands such as the Deftones, Tool, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Isis combine with our own ideas to create original songs which highlight both heavy rock fundamentals and progressive experimentation. We are preparing to go back into the studio and will hopefully have our next album in the end of April. We have also just finished recording a PodCast with Folly Moon Music "Live from Letterman's Ally" Which will be released in March at www.fmmusiclive.com, we will also be going back next month to be special guests for the April PodCast. We will be the featured band in the April edition of the Folly Moon Music "Rock Music Review"



Live from Letterman's Ally
Episodes 003, 004

Set List

Our set typically runs one hour, right now our set list is:

Apt C
Hanger Missing
Without Wax
Anything but Blue
Zygote Todd