Drowned Out

Drowned Out


Epic brutality. Myspace.com/DrownedOut


Drowned Out is a metal band hailing from Stuart Florida. They formed in mid 2004 with vocalist Ryan Gruber, guitarist Jeff Coulter, bassist Lucas Lamar, and drummer Bryan Lamar. In 2005 they self-released their first EP "...in the worst kind of way", Recorded at Power Station Studios in South Florida, where they worked with well-known producer Rob Roy. You can find this EP at SMARTpunk.com, DrownedOut.com, as well as many Hot Topic locations throughout South Florida. Delivering epic brutality with their new full length effort, Plague, Drowned Out is determined to take the underground music scene by storm. Drowned Out has toured extensively around the entire east coast of the United States and as far west as Texas. Now touring full time they are searching for a label to release their new CD and call home.


"In The Worst Kind Of Way" 2005 EP
"Plague" 2007 Full Length

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