Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN



We formed in March 2011 Japan.
It was originally a solo unit of Kasai, keito is an old relationship, joined.
It would be a current member.

From the beginning to the music production based on concepts such as "floating",
"view of the world after death", and the installation dancer,
illustrator, and VJ from the very beginning was formed, we also provide music to video work in parallel.

In October 2011 he released a free download for a limited bandcamp the 1st album "drowsiness".
In 2012, held the "Eclectic" independence plan for the first time.
In June 2013, We released 2nd album "Indifference".
In September 2013,drowsiness went to Taiwan Tour with in.out.project.


drowsiness e.p. 2012
Indifference e.p. 2013