psychotic math-metal, sounds like inner workings of a mad mans mind. Clever and original. jazz metal that acutally works. chaotic yet structured


Dr.Slaggleberry as a band have been around since 2005, evolving and changing over the years. Over that time we have been called everything from funk rock to math metal to progressive rock. We will let you decide for yourselves.
Dr Slaggleberry is an evolving and organic band, the coming together of three drummers who have a passion for rhythm, beats and hard riffs. Two of the drummers turned guitarist and as their technique evolved the music developed and the riffs became dirtier, heavier and more experimental. Raw and crisp, chaotic but with structure. Inspired by the greats such as Primus, Mr.bungle, King crimson and on the heavier side of things bands like Meshuggah, Pysopus and Sikth to name a few.
Dr Slaggleberry increased their dose and put them selves to work, and continued to craft their music.
Homing in on their own individual sound, tight and crisp with light and shade. Skilful, emotive and progressive, A three piece so tight, it makes your eyes water.
Early 2008 saw the Dr in their present line up release their debut self titled e.p to a wave of critical acclaim.
In June they recorded a 3 track e.p Live at XFM studios, which was released in November 2008.


SELF TITLED E.P" first official release from the band, 4 track e.p released in march 2008, TUC INTO THE TAR" Second e.p release November 2008, recordings taken from live radio sessions at the XFM studios

Set List

5-6 songs

25-35 mins long