Dr. Slothclaw

Dr. Slothclaw


Dr. Slothclaw has created its own sound said to be a full frontal assault on the senses!


dont be fooled by their award for tri state indie jam band of the year for 2012. Dr. Slothclaw is far from an average jam band. with their own blend of psychedelic, prog rock,funk,blues,and beyond. their songs are up beat funky and original sometimes being compared to frank zappa and p funk. from red lion pa. a small town in southern pa and for the past 6 years Dr. Slothclaw has been turning heads from all over with there original sound and strong high energy performances


check out our first studio album ''whats that buzzing noise?'' independently released in may of 2012. this became a quick fav. in many peoples music collection you can listen to it for free at www.drslothclaw.bandcamp.com you may also listen and download for free our pirate booty bootleg series the pirate booty bootleg series is a collection of live and studio recordings from that past 6 years for YOU to enjoy! keep keep a close eye out for upcoming music videos and the new double disc album '' greetings from the cosmic heart''