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DR. SPOCK (KKKK) are unlike anything you´ll ever see. They open their show by hurling rubber gloves into the crowd and then gradually strip down to either pink spandex trousers or leopard skin pants, all the while blasting schizophrenic disco-punk. One singer is a vast man mountain roaring at the crowd, the other looks like a mad, ‘70s history professor. It´s entirely impossible what to make of them, other than that they put on a masterful show. - Kerrang


Dr. Phil (SM118CD)
The Incredible Tooth of Dr. Zoega (mini album 2007)



Dr. Spock has been lurking about in the Icelandic underground music scene for over a decade. During this time Dr. Spock has emerged at special occasions to record material and play rare live excursions.
Dr. Spock has endured stolen master tapes & System Error Pro Tools files resulting in recorded material remaining underground to this day.
The only evidence of recorded material is to be found in couple of Independent Icelandic Films.
In a freak collaborative recording session for the film Oskaborn Thjodarinnar Dr. Spock encountered the lead actor of said film, Ottarr Proppe.
The actor a renowned rock singer from the legendary Icelandic band HAM joined Dr. Spock during the recording session and put Dr. Spock on a collision course.

Kerrang night at the 2004 Iceland Airwaves festival saw Dr. Spock emerge from the underground with a force and established Dr. Spock as a live favorite in Reykjavik venues. Fueled by raw power and unique live performance Dr. Spock were signed unanimously by the board of directors at Smekkleysa, the home of Minus, Sigurros and Bjork.
This was a wake-up call for Dr. Spock to abandon the Icelandic underground and do some good for the population of this planet.

In spring 2005 Dr. Spock took the live approach for their debut album Dr. Phil. Bunking in Studio Syrland Dr. Spock labored for 20 hours to perform live the for the 11 track album. An easy birth to the old songs mixed with new tracks set Dr. Spock in motion for a summer album release.

Dr. Spock received rave reviews for their debut album Dr. Phil across the board in the Icelandic press.
Opening for Alice Cooper. Guerilla style free gigs for students playing in a big truck with a large PA and the Police on their tale Dr. Spock delivered their sounds to the masses at their own cost.

At Iceland Airwaves 2005 Dr. Spock took the stage and scored high with both the audience and media (kerrang kkkk).
Twisted rock music laced with on stage antics landed Dr. Spock in the top slots for the 2005 Iceland Airwaves festival best experience polls.

Dr. Spock received a nomination for the 2005 Icelandic Music Awards in the category Performer of the year only to loose to fellow label mates Sigurros.

Dr. Spock were nominated for four awards (Album of the year,
Song of the year, Performer of the year & Breakthrough Award) at the XFM radio station award ceremony in february and won in the Performer of the year catagory.

Dr. Spock showcased at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Holland January 2006.

Dr. Spock showcased at the SXSW 2006 in Austin Texas and did a short tour in the States (SanFransisco, LA, NYC) in march.

Dr. Spock will open for Iggy Pop & the Stooges in May.

The Debut release from Dr. Spock, Dr. Phil is slated for a UK release in spring 2006.