Dr. Superstar

Dr. Superstar

 Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

Femcee's Are Back In 2011. Dr. Superstar Brings Lyricism and Musicianship


Born at the bottom of the map, into the heart of the trap. Public school educated where nursery rhymes elevated to rap. As story times were excluded, legacies were concluded, continue to be ruthless and abusive or make hip-hop music. I never had it made I was made to be built so this is ain’t no 2 step you gone have to move ya hips. Music is my love so it’s not a sell out when I make a pop track. Music is my love so it’s gone sell out when you hear that pop track. Reverse that, remember when I had to cross them tracks to triple up that stack. Yeah my styles versatile, I make the club go wild and when the fed’s on ya back I’m a get cha through ya trial. Female rappers come and go, I’m a stay awhile. I’m extremely arrogant but I don’t hate. We can all eat just not off the same plate. Here’s where we defer; cause while they tryna pay they mama back, I’m tryna feed my great grand’s and put they great- grand’s on the ivy league plan. I got sex appeal, but I won’t reveal. Here’s the secret though, the darker the berry the sweeter the thrill. The thrillers heaven bound, his killer still roamin round. The doc just released 7 pounds, is she a killer now? Nobody ever reads the bio so I thought I’d just lay this biopsy down.


They Lookin

Written By: Dr. Superstar

Lyrics - They Lookin by Dr. Superstar

Hook 1:
They lookin, they lookin
I see em they lookin
Double takes stuck in trances
Tryin to make they advances
They lookin, they lookin
They like what they see
I'm so damn attractive
They come flockin towards me

Verse 1:
All eyes on me like a double LP
Well, ah ah ah, i know you like what you see
But uh uh uh, I ain't for free
Ya gotta pay yo tolls like the billy goat gruff
Makin em hum and puff, like the big bad wolf
I had to muster up, something so seduce
They wanna eat me up
I might give em a bite
If the carrots in they salad looking fresh tonight
Ya know I stay tight
From head to toe
They all wanna know how I make it glow
Thats why I'm the superstar, adidas
I stay glossed, fresh fitted and all
New kicks from the mall, never knock offs
Keeping turnin they head like bobbles
boing boing boing, keep on going going going

Hook 2:
They lookin they lookin
They lookin at me
They lookin, they lookin
They lookin at me
Eyes poppin out they heads
Like I'm in a comic book
They can't help, they can't help it
Gotta take a second look

Hook 1:

Verse 2:
I ain't gotta say it
You can look at me and tell
The girls know it well
Got em drowning from they fluids
When they say that I can't do it
I give em nike proof
To some its a shox
Don't force it, reebok
I might be a bit too clever
He wanna be my fellow
But i don't want that nigga
He can look, he can swoon
Buy me drinks til bout 2
Then I shift across the room
To get a better view
They be gawking, they be glaring
At something so appealing
I stay clothed, no revealing
And they still can't shake that feelin
No comparing, they stay strain

Hook 1:

I guess its cause i'm sexy
They all sending me texts
Snapin pictures on they phones
Hopin they can take me home
I'm the envy of the party
They hopin that I'm naughty
So that they can see my body
I just nod and say howdy

Verse 3:
From top to bottom, I be causin problems
I don't really know my daddy, yeah i get it from my mama
Crooked like a comma, yeah i'm bout them dollars
All they can remember is the smile and the charmer
But they're not lucky, no marshmallow morning
Good morning, they yarning
mouth wide open cause they see me coming

Hook 2:



Set List

$100 for 2 track performance, solo

$250 for 28 min show, with my own featured artist

$600 for a 90min show, with my own featured artist

(all fees are negotiable)