Dru Chris

Dru Chris

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
SoloHip HopSoul


Hailing from Philadelphia's Uptown section, Rapper/Producer, DRU CHRIS has worked tirelessly to become a complete artist. Starting out as a party DJ at age 13, it was evident even than, that music was his passion.

Before leaving Howard University at age 19, Dru Chris co-founded the Artist&Repertoire Music Collect. releasing his first mixtape, "The Arsonist" in Jan.2010. The success of "The Arsonist" opened the door to many performance opportunities, including a coveted slot opening for Def Jam artist, Rick Ross, at the historic Howard Homecoming -Yardfest 2010.

After parting ways with the A&R Music Collect., Dru Chris continued to expand his craft, particularly on stage, moving back to Philadelphia to began work on his 2nd release. Unexpectedly, the move back spurred the creation of experimental band, ANDtheNAMELESS, founded by Dru Chris and electric guitarist, Otheni Thompson.

ANDtheNAMELESS was another successful project, headlining performances at Philadelphia live venues (The Fire, Voltage, TheLegendaryDobbs, TheArtsGarage and SigmaSound), as well as Temple University's SPRING FLING event in 2013.

In 2012, Dru Chris began collaborating with longtime friend, Producer, Bryant Robinson better known as, Han Sol. That collaboration led to the founding of production-house, HORUS. By early 2013, the duo had produced over 100 new tracks and began the recording of Dru Chris' first all original LP, "GODBODY". Described as an "ode to finding your true self in the changing climate of 2013", the album is a dark, but introspective look at what you find when you have nothing left.

Scheduled for release December 7th, 2013, "GODBODY" is the culmination of every event in the life of Dru Chris; good, bad, and indifferent. Featuring 12 original records, it was curated with the mindset of creating a soundscape you can both burn to and learn from. Finding ourselves in the present, the future is still to be written.