Drue Nelson

Drue Nelson


The album beings with an almost regae feel to the drums. In saunters the guitar and vocalist and you sit back letting the wave of pop rock flow over you like a warm tide. While much of the album is definitely laid-back, there is a bit of punch to each song. This is one hell of a rock record-The Rage


"I don't have it all figured out," says 26-year-old singer Drue Nelson who fronts a quartet named after himself. "You learn so many things every day, and it's overwhelming sometimes trying to see how it all fits together. I'm starting to realize that each day is a different road and a different journey, and you don't have to have it all figured out; you don't have to have all the answers to everything right now."

One of the things Drue hasn't figured out is exactly how his band - which also includes bassist Steven Perdue, drummer Jon Reid, and (self-described "guitar guy") Josh Reeves - went from playing at a local bar to becoming a top touring act in the southeast college circuit as a cover band, to transferring and maintaining that success into an original focused group.

Perhaps even more incomprehensible is how this recently obscure Alabama-based act�s song, �Takes My Breath Away,� has sat at #1 on Garageband�s progressive rock charts for over a year and six months, despite the weekly thousands of submissions throughout this time. Drue, Josh, Jon, and Steven were equally incredulous at the reaction of an A&R agent for Columbia Records, who insisted that �out of all the 1000s of submissions he �had reviewed over the course of the year, their record was by far and away the best.� Although this major label did not present a material offer, Drue believes that current label home at, Severe Records was a �great choice.� He adds, �Severe Records aims to up-stream bands if appropriate, so why not? We are so proud of the success of Ambient Fixtures thus far on just an underground level, and we're infinitely grateful to have so many people hearing our songs, buying merch, and most importantly, singing the words back to us at shows. I really can't explain how it's all happening."

In fact, the quartet�s front man is hard-pressed to explain most of the unexpected twists his life has taken. His early years in Prattville, Alabama., for instance, would suggest an all-American boyhood, as �the preacher�s kid.� Tragically, the most significant event of his life was his Father�s early passing. As a Southern Baptist minister, Drue�s dad was a major inspiration to him. Drue admits to having little interest in music until after the incident and believes that �good does come from bad.� Ambient Fixtures is undoubtedly a tangible testament to his position.


Ambient Fixtures - Severe Records 2007

Singles released to radio:
"Takes My Breath Away" - 2006
"There Was a Girl" - 2007

Set List

"Take My Breath Away"
"No Excuse"
"Still See Stars"
"Why Don't You Run Away"
"Never Meant To Be"
"Nothing I Won't Do"
"There Was A Girl"
"Can You Hear Me Now?"