Our band plays pop tunes. Our songs are singer-songwriter based rock tunes, delivered with a lot of energy and devotion. We make music because we have to. We are exorcising demons.


We formed in March of 2005 and have since released 3 full length albums and toured the country four times, completely independently.

We try to make every show we play different from the last.

With our records we are trying to tell a story about the time in our lives during which the songs were recorded.


Our Way Out West

Written By: Druggist

Just another typical day at best.
I sat around booking our way out West.
And everybody said, "you'll love the breeze."
But it's a long way to the sea.

Yeah, "it's a long way to the sea," they said,
"but it's the place you've dreamed of seeing."
And we're gonna follow that dream.
It's all I've ever wanted to be.

With your lonely arms around me,
I'm so glad that you've found me.
But what else could I be?


Early Michael Keaton - May 2006.

There's Already an Everything - September 2007.

The Pile On - January 2009.

Set List

Our sets can span anywhere from half an hour to two hours, depending on the venue and line-up.

The set usually consists of everything from stripped-down quiet pop tunes to full-on heavy, high-energy psychedelic rock.