drum & bell tower

drum & bell tower

 Williams Lake, British Columbia, CAN

Drum & Bell Tower is a one-man acoust-kick/psychedelic folk songwriting project. Ranging from spaced-out to danceable stomp, songs are melodic and engaging snapshots of current political and environmental issues.


Drum & Bell Tower Bio

Walking around the old core of Xi'an, China, I was struck by the predominance of two structures--the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower.  These buildings dedicated to the two most essential elements of music took me on a trip, and I decided to change the name of my musical act from Funeral Songs, four-albums in, to Drum & Bell Tower. 

My first solo acoustic album is of songs that were the result of an inspirational festival season in '09 and a desire to move away from electronic music in favour of acoustics. 
The festival that most moved me in that summer was ArtsWells, and in particular, the Wax Mannequin show.  For propers, I named this latest album after a line in the first song on his new record "Saxon".
I recorded "Scratch Out Your Name" in Wells, BC, in November of '09 in the cozyl Wells United Church; it had been the acoustic venue for many amazing shows at ArtsWells festivals over the years.    
Leading up to the recording, and during it, I had been reading a variety of non-fiction books on ecology, economics, and the empire, as well as a number of books by Cormac McCarthy.  I think the lyrics reflect that focus, as they are often dark and heavy.  
The recording process was fairly basic.  I laid all drum, hi-hat and guitar tracks live, adding vocals and harmonies after.  I mixed it myself but had sense enough to send it away for mastering to Beck Audio in Victoria.
In the early spring of 2011, I returned to Wells to record another album. With a few more tricks up my sleeve and a bit of help from some wise friends, I've produced a new album that has a more polished and clean sound. The title is Burn Beneath the Water, and it will be officially released in August of 2011.
Thanks for reading and for listening,
Brent Morton / Drum & Bell Tower


Drum & Bell Tower
The Black Need (2008)
Scratch Out Your Name (2010)
Burn Beneath the Water (2011)

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Set List

My sets are all original psy-folk with big acoustic beats. A set is typically 45-90 min. Covers are often Canadiana: Niel Young to Wax Mannequin.