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“Drumbo” is the highly anticipated debut album collaboration from Saskatchewan’s two most prolific hip-hop artists — Regina rapper, Def 3, and Saskatoon’s super producer, Factor.


“Drumbo” is the highly anticipated debut album from
Saskatchewan’s two most prolifi c hip-hop artists —
Regina rapper, Def 3, and Saskatoon’s super producer,
Factor. Factor showcases a unique ability to adapt his
music to all styles of artists, as heard in his collaborations
with some of Hip-Hop’s major players — commercial and
underground — with the likes of Xzibit, Aesop Rock, The
Alkaholiks, Myka 9, Awol One, and many more. Once again
he provides the perfect backdrop for up-and-coming
Canadian rapper Def 3 ’s seamlessly smooth and
charismatic presence on the mic.
From the beats to the rhymes, this debut album comes to
life through a wide variety of musical styles and rhythms.
With contagious choruses, complex fl ows and effortless
delivery, this album has it all. Boasting diverse features
from Vancouver Hip-Hop veteran Moka Only, Sunspot Jonz
of the LA underground super group, The Living Legends,
and fellow Saskatchewan country, folk & funk singers
Val Halla and Thomas Roussin.
The connection between these two artist’s original sounds
creates an explosive chemistry throughout the album that
is sure to catch the ear of all hip-hop music fans around
the globe.


Def3 Professional Discography:

*Dead Can't Bounce - " i aint afraid of no ghost" full length LP 2003 FrekSho Records

*Factor - "3" featured on track "Whatup Sun"
Compilation 2004 Sideroad Records

*Cam the Wizard - "For The Rest of My Life" Featured on Track "Sideroad Trip " 2004 Sideroad Records

*Factor - "Heights" Featured track " ourglass" Compilation 2005 Sideroad Records

*Ismaila- "Mark of The Zebra" 12" and LP Featured on Track "ForceFeed" 2005 Freksho Records

*Def 3 - "Huglife" full length LP Solo album 2005 Ship Records Inc.

*Nolto- "Red All Over" Featured on Track 2006 Sideroad Records

*Metropolis Now - "Self Titled" full length LP Group album 2006 Sideroad Records

*Laugh And Cry - "Sounds of Humming Hip Hop" Metropolis Now Featured Track " Another Tomorrow" Japanese Compilation 2006 Hue Records (Japan Only Press)

*Factor - "Famous Nights empty days" 12" and LP Compilation Featured Track " I Can't Put My finger On It" 2006 Sideroad Records

*Def 3 + Moka Only - "Dog River" LP (2007)
Ship Records Inc.

*Oye! - " self titled" EP(2008)- Ship Records Inc.

*Def 3 and Factor - "Drumbo" LP(2009) - Ship Records Inc.

Factor Professional Discography:

Innerspace 12"
2002 (OFFBEAT-003)

Vizion Quest CD
2002 (OFFBEAT-004)

Time Invested CD
2002 (OFFBEAT-005)

Kay the Aquanaut
Solitude Savannah CD
2002 (OFFBEAT-006)

Con-Soul Confessions CD
2003 (SRR-001)

Awol One
Try 7"
2003 (SRR-002)

Three CD
2003 (SRR-003)

Paranoid Castle
One Way Ticket CD
2004 (SRR-004)

Side Road Records
12" EP
2004 (SRR-005)

All Over The Right Here CD
2004 (SRR-006)

Kay the Aquanaut
Waist Deep In Concrete CD
2004 (SRR-007)

Factor and Ben.e Elim Present:
Salvation CD
2004 (SRR-008)

Cam the Wizzard
For the Rest of My Life CD
2004 (SRR-009)

Heights CD
2005 (SRR-010)

ira lee and factor
cafeteria food CD
2005 (SRR-011)

Side Road and Friends CD
2005 (SRR-012)

Nolto & Factor
Red All Over CD
2005 (SRR-013)

Nolto & Factor
Red All Over CD (Japan only release)

Akuma & Factor's
Dawn of a New Era CD
2005 (SRR-014)

Candy's .22
Livin La Vida Boo Hoo CD
2005 (SRR-015)

Candy's .22
Livin La Vida Boo Hoo LP
2006 (247020)

Metropolis Now
Metropolis Now CD
2006 (SRR-016)

Famous Nights and Empty Days CD
2006 (SRR-017)

Famous Nights and Empty Days LP
2006 (SRR-018)

After The Fact CD (Japan only release)

With Pain Comes Pleasure
2006 (SRR-019)

Awol One & Factor
Only Death Can Kill You CD
2007 (CRAS-CD-058)

Awol One & Factor
Only Death Can Kill You 12"
2007 (SRR-020)

Awol One & Factor
Limited Edition Picture 7"
2007 (oooooh that's heavy 001)

Joe Dub & Factor
Live In 75 CD
2007 (SRR-021)

Kay the Aquanaut
Spinning Blue Planet CD
2007 (SRR-022)

sounds of humming hip hop CD (Japan only release produced and mixed 3 tracks)


The Gaff & Factor
The Trip Beyond CD
Side Road Records
2007 (SRR – 023)

Deepcave and Factor
Deepcave Records CD
2008 (SRR – 024)

Chandelier EP 7"
Ooohh! That's Heavy!


Chandelier CD
Fake Four Inc. / Hue Records

50 Fingers
46 Middles CD
Side Road Records
2008 (SRR – 025)

Def 3 and Factor
Ship Records Inc.
2009 (SR003)

Awol One and Factor
Owl Hours
Fake Four Inc.

Set List

45 Minutes