Like Blue Man Group for the Guitar Hero Generation.


Man and machine.

Are they so different?

You may, or may not, be taken by surprise...

Your hard drive may, or may not, be processing any of this....

However, you most likely have experienced a compelled encounter between the frenzied pattern of every day life, and the very beat of your own heart.

This is the story that ties it all in. Humanism, mechanism, musicianism, and other "isms"...

Five young men, gliding through the ever-flowing rivers of society, somehow found each other amongst the rest of the customary gliders.

There was something too genuine about this meeting.

Electric wind sent shock waves through the roof, into the atmosphere, and into the deep abyss of uncertainty.

The people in society were concerned, yet fascinated.

This electrically induced combustion was the cause of an uprise of severe involuntary body movement and uncontrollable head bobbing.

Something big had happened.

DrumJam had surfaced.

It rapidly revealed itself as one assembled piece of musical apparatus.

Vibration and innovation.

Put them together in the same room. Then see what happens.

Resonance and silence .

The beat of your very own heart can relate to those two small expressions. One after the other, an infinite persistence of rhythm.

DrumJam asks only one favor of you,

Can you feel the rhythm?

%*&^%*^$&%$^%$ Detection of Virus. Logging Off. ^(*&^(*&^&^^%$&^%#%$#


-opened for Los Lonely Boys
-performed on the main stage at the Texas State Fair
-won the Texas Grammy Band Showcase
-placed 3rd out of 478 bands in the Famecast online talent competition
-performed for hundreds at the Pecan Street Festival
-performed on FOX National Television for the FORD Holiday River Parade on the San Antonio Riverwalk
-performed at Blue Man Group's VIP Dinner at the Frank Erwin Center minutes before their show
-Performed the headlining spot for thousands at the First Night Austin new years eve celebration.

Set List

Total Show Time: 60 minutes

1.Tom Jam
3.Phat Beat
5.Dance Beat
6.Battle at Sea
7.Lil Gray Robot
9.Heart Beat