Mediterranean beat fusion: rhythms of the Middle East and North Africa, hypnotic dancefloor grooves and virtuoso live percussion.


Scott Sterling's drumming has fueled the flames of innovative dance and performance art in the San Francisco area for over twelve years -- often in a quite literal sense, given his involvement in pyrotechnic displays at Oakland's Crucible, Burning Man, and elsewhere. He was a founding member of AWD (1996-1999) and Xeno (2000-2005), influential pioneers of SF's currently thriving "indie-circus" movement. Within these ensembles Scott began as a drummer, but gradually took on the roles of composer and producer.
In 2003 he took up Middle Eastern percussion and immediately incorporated into into his work with Xeno, as well as collaborating with UltraGypsy and beginning to work with dancer/choreographer Kristina Canizares. Kristina founded the Nekyia dance ensemble and brought in Scott as music director in 2005. Together they forged a unique fusion of bellydance, jazz, Latin dance, burlesque and circus arts, with Scott producing original music for group and solo choreography.
His tracks and remixes now appear on several compilations of Arabic fusion dance music, with more scheduled for release in early 2009. Performing solo, accompanying the Nekyia, and working as a percussionist with Jef Stott (Six Degrees), Drumspyder has played up and down the west coast and has toured Japan and Canada.
He has participated in several of the highly original and successful Crucible theater productions, including "Dido and Aeneas" (2004), and "The Odyssey" (2007). He served as music director of the "Firebird" (2008), and was recently music director of "Dracul, Prince of Fire" (2009).



Forthcoming, 2/22/2009: "Kalypso" and "Dunanwi" on Tribal Matrix 2 (Dakini)

"Ramallah" and "Baghdad Dub Mix" on Arabian Pleasure (Caravan 2008)

"Sexy Saiidi", "Kamanche Groove" and "Desert Samba 2" on Desert Grooves 3 (Water Music 2008)

"Zilz & Skilz" on Tribal Revolution (HMC 2008)

"Jef Stott - Funky Nawari (Drumspyder's Midnight Snack Wrap-Up)" on Global Dancefloor (Six Degrees 2007)

"Slinky" on Bellydance Underworld (HMC 2007)


The Nekyia Vol. 1 (2007)
The Nekyia Vol. 2 (2009)


Forthcoming early 2009: "Kalypso" and "Firebird" (performances by the Nekyia), "Baghdad Dub Mix" (performance by Aubre) on Tales of Desire (HMC)

"Tabla Solo" (performance by Summer Sahar) on By Dancers, For Dancers, Vol. 3 (Cheeky Girls 2008)

"Zilz & Skilz" (performance by the Nekyia) on Tribal Revolution (HMC 2007)

"Slinky" (performance by the Nekyia) on Bellydance Underworld (HMC 2007)

Set List

Sets of 20 to 120 minutes of original music, DJ sets of unlimited duration.
The original music ranges from atmospheric to infectiously danceable, and the tracks are mixed and blended together like a DJ set in a seamless flow.

Drumspyder's DJ repertoire expands on the musical styles represented by the original tracks, and falls mainly in these genres:

Middle Eastern House & Downtempo:
From pumping, high energy Arabic house to sultry, snaky bellydance grooves. Some favorite tracks from recent gigs: Melissa-"Kadouka El Mayas", Roger Abboud- "Desert Dancefloor", Asena-"Cobra"

Afro & Latin House
The heart of the prime-time dancefloor set - funky Afro-House, Afro-Cuban hip shakers, and raging Samba-House. Typical selections:
Lekan Babalola-"Kabioye (Phil Asher Rmx)"
Nu Tropic-"Que Linda Mi Cuba"
Afefe Iku-"Mirror Dance"

Tribal House
Raw, powerful drum-centric grooves for when things get heavy. Examples: Dero & Robbie Rivera-"Batucada", Shlavens & D-Lav-"Workin' the Drum