Drunk by Noon

Drunk by Noon


Jazz-Punks: highly improvisational,
dexterous, dark and "playing exposed"


Larry Copcar and Rinaldo are originally
from Albany NY and have played with the
likes of Chuck Berry and Ted Nugent.
Larry Guitar is from L.A. Cal and
has a history including the Cline Bros,
the Dangles and Special Teams.

Our influence range from Coltrane to


i ain't a-scared

Written By: scarano

who are all these people i'm sposed to be so afraid of...


We record live and have several CDs
'And You Thought the Stewadesses Were Cranky Before' is available on the net at www.drunk-by-noon.com

Set List

live.realtime. jazz-punk-rap improv.
Songs are usually 3-7 minutes.
sets 30-45minutes