drunken barn dance

drunken barn dance


Detroit MetroTimes: "Airy, acoustic-driven songs incorporating footstomps, well-timed sleigh bells, hints of ambient distortion and the occasional harmonic soundscape that'd give Daniel Lanois wood. It's warm and willful; part back-porch melancholy, part open-road longing."


Drunken Barn Dance is the folk/ambient side project of Scott Sellwood, the long-time, Schroeder-esque piano player and multi-instrumentalist in the Michigan music collective, Saturday Looks Good to Me (K Records). Originally conceived in a flurry of intoxication and ghost stories, DBD has become a fixture of the burgeoning Michigan indie-folk family despite a complete ignorance of typical folk conventions. Sellwood's varied vocal delivery owes as much to the raggedness of Neil Young as the syncopation of John Darnielle and the whisper of Neal Halstead. Terrible weather, disappearing neighbors, the determined, the desperate, gutter-punks turned saviours, and the devil herself all live here. Come on in.


"Circle the Wagons" - Ypsi Songs Compilation (Cerberus Records) - 11/06

"Winter's Tale" 7" (Pedal Bark Records) - 2/07

Drunken Barn Dance LP (self released) - 4/07