Drunken Boat IE

Drunken Boat IE


Drunken Boat combine mainstream influences such as Neil Young and WILCO with underground ones such as New Year and American Analog Set. Their sound has a gentle atmosphere that builds and swells into a brooding intensity.


Brian Walsh has been recording and writing music and lyrics for the last 13 years. With in excess of 100 songs, many routed in folk and others in alternative styles, the music made varies from strumming some chords, to minutes of hissing amps and feedback, to improvisation and experimentation with recording techniques. These bedroom recordings resulted in 4 demos which were handed out to friends under the name Howie Walshberg.

In 2007 Brian got together with Simon Brennan in Dublin and put together a mini-album. Hours were spent going through synth sounds and working around guitar lines and loops to create “Cut the Engines, Raise the Sails”. It was an outlet for guitar pieces that could not find a natural home, and was an experiment to see how folk and ambient sounds would work. The light synths derived mainly from Brian Eno and gave the recording a relaxing and sensitive feel.

Brian travelled for the following year and did a lot of writing and came up with a loose concept for the next album and a new direction. In January 2009 he began playing guitar with Dror Zur joining on drums. The new songs are reminiscent of Bedhead, New Year, Dirty Three, Pavement, SMOG, Neil Young, Wilco, Codeine, Jim O’Rourke, Built to Spill, Brian Eno, Yo La Tengo, M Ward and Joan of Arc.

From April 2009, the band headlined in Anseo with Red Eskimo and Peter Delaney, supported At Last An Atlas for their EP launch in Dublin and Galway. They've played with heroes Joan of Arc and Love of Everything from Chicago and supported The Jimmy Cake. They’ve also played in Twisted Pepper and Roisin Dubh on a double headline tour with Autumn Owls in addition to slots in Seomra Spraoi and Whelans.

Incorporating pre-recorded loops or samples made with guitars and harmonicas, electric guitar, drums and vocals Brian and Dror produce alternative folk with a willingness to experiment and surprise. They constantly shake their style keeping it interesting for themselves and listeners while maintaining a folky and floaty feel that is associated with Drunken Boat.

In November of 2009 Shane from Slurps joined the band on guitar. Filling out the sound and adding intricate guitar lines he has added a new dimension to the band who are increasing their intensity.
“Plumb the Depths” is about exploration and discovery; musically and lyrically. It is the second in what will become a loose trilogy. The follow up will be out in the first half of 2010.


"Cut the Engines, Raise the Sails", "Plumb the Depths"

Set List

30-45 min sometimes an hour
"Crossing Invisible Lines", "Burroughs", "Being Here", "Deep in the Trees", "SWYM", "Fog", "Sandy", "Unwelcome Guest", "Hidden"...